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CiviCRM Functionality Boost as Agiliway Releases New Extensions


With the last release, CiviCRM is made highly configurable with individual settings a user can select. The major improvements touched –°iviCalendar and security solutions.


CiviCRM role-based security solution gets a fundamental boost as Agiliway releases an extension to streamline permission management within multi-unit hierarchically structured nonprofit organizations. So, how does it work?

A head office is delegated full authority in a form of unlimited access for managerial positions and extended access for other officers. The access narrows down with every hierarchically lower unit. This way the hierarchical organizational structure is adequately represented in CiviCRM, while security risks and concerns are less likely to befall the organization. Custom Permission extension is now publicly available in the extension directory as a free add-on to CiviCRM. 

READ MORE: https://civicrm.org/blog/skornien/custom-permission-extension-for-multi-level-organization


As a major improvement, the CiviCalendar extension suggests new ways to interact with your calendar. Visual, intuitive, clever and easy to use due to earlier releases, its recent update makes it alluring even for the one who never thought to be a calendar-person. The Calendar Settings form integrates a range of configuration options that affect functionality, contents, and presentation of the user interface.

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