SMM solution Agiliway 02 | 10 | 2023

Complex Solution for Social Media Management

Social media have touched upon multiple industries and businesses today must be active online to remain competitive. Social media content management requires much time, effort, and thorough planning. To successfully manage their accounts, users today turn to different SMM tools that allow creating drafts beforehand, and schedule posts to go live when they are planned. Although there are many solutions available today, their creators still come up with unique features that differentiate them from one another.

The Swiss client contacted Agiliway to join them in the enhancement of their all-in-one platform for simpler and more effective social media management as well as adding new functionality that would help them stand out in the current market.

As part of the client’s development team, the Agiliway engineers were involved in multiple development processes. Among the major tasks to be performed were adding a feature for posting from live streaming events, fixing the UI, working with social media APIs, and improving the photo/video editor.

What SMM Solutions Were Delivered to the Client?

  • Live Streaming

This feature allows pause the streaming, choose the moment you want to share with your followers, cut it, and then post it right away – all this within one tool with the help of AWS.

  • Fixing the existing UI

One of the most challenging tasks performed was that it required all the functionality to be placed similarly on both the web and mobile.

  • Working with social media APIs

Since APIs constantly change, it was vital to ensure a simpler support process. Additionally, changes in UI resulted in further building of mobile applications for iOS and Android.

  • Improved photo/video editor

There is no need to use additional tools for editing visual content as the platform has a built-in editor that caters to most user needs.

Complex SMM solution Agiliway

The cooperation resulted in an extensive feature scope that ensures successful social media management in one place. From scheduling to editing visual content, users gain maximum benefits and no longer need to switch between different tools. The platform supports all social media-related functions: content upload, scheduling, posting, statistics on sharing, number of likes and comments.

To simplify the future support, multiple open-source modules were used and later modified as per requirements.


Social media management solutions are of the highest value as an online presence is mandatory for a successful business. To stand out in the current market, such solutions must present unique features that would attract the audience’s attention.

The platform has become very popular across the globe owing to its vast functionality and simple yet complex design. It incorporates vital features such as scheduling and previewing of posts, tracking their performance, as well as streaming and posting from live events, etc.

In terms of maintenance, it is a flexible and scalable solution that does not require large support teams and, hence, less additional expenses for our client.

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