23 | 07 | 2019

Designing a Better Future: Mobile & Web Technologies

In the world of cutting-edge technologies, mobile development marked the immense growth. Gadgets became a vital part of everyday’s lives giving opportunities to use a set of functionalities for personal and professional growth as well as entertainment. While before people preferred desktop applications, now the market is overflown with mobile and web technologies. Worldwide, people reap benefits of the mobile apps with user-friendly UX as they are more convenient and accessible on the go.

Large and middle enterprises, as well as small start-ups, often need a solution, which would fit into their business strategy and cover their vision. To decrease costs on the project budget, sometimes they make a choice to outsource a skilled engineer’s team from abroad. In this article, we overview both mobile and web development services provided by our Agiliway team and underline the most common technologies both at front-end and back-end along with our project achievements. 

While developing a mobile app, the whole team of developers, testers, designers, project managers, and tech leads share their project visions and goals. We, in Agiliway, take into account all characteristics of the product development process from the very design to its maintenance. Therefore, we go through the complete project cycle and with each iteration, our team discusses its progress and potential changes in a way to build a high-quality end product.  

In Agiliway, we go through such a UX/UI process and provide a set of mobile development services including: 

  • Initial analysis of the client’s specifications  
  • Offering potential ideas for future design 
  • Elaborating on the solutions part and further discussion 
  • Working on UI/UX design based on client’s needs  
  • Customizing responsive web design 
  • Discussion of design themes and solutions between designers and developers
  • Final design approval and production 
  • Mobile application debugging support 
  • SEO-optimized design 

Our engineers have developed a set of mobile and web apps used in different niches, such as big data, healthcare, sports, automotive, education, e-commerce, fintech, etc. We are not limited only to one sphere and always take different projects while working on various technologies.  

Initially, for developers either on front-end or back-end, designing an application requires choosing the right technology and related programming language. In our hands, we use such set of technologies, as Android, IOS, Windows, HTML5, React Native, Cordova, and Xamarin and others. Lately, our team preferred React Native as the core technology for building CiviMobile, a mobile CRM application for non-profits and non-governmental organizations. The app was developed with the use of a hybrid framework based on Javascript library and is still being improved with new functionalities. It effectively helps to manage contacts, relationships, memberships, contributions, and events for better internal organizational processes, communication, and employee coordination. 

Previously, among our other projects, we elaborated an IoT solution for one of the electricity providers, which allowed controlling the set of switches and other multiple electricity devices. We chose Xamarin as the cross-platform technology, which helped to manage electricity from mobile and tablet. In the context of IoT solutions, our team also represented IoT digital sensor solution enabling seniors and those who are taking care of them to track unusual behavior from a tablet and help them to take full control over physical health. This project was based on .Net technology and Azure on which specialists managed different documentation and tools to build an advanced sensor system. 

During the process of web development, our team discusses the requirements and agrees on the timeline and project costs. Then, we plan the design and development process and after, test the web app for any bugs following by deployment and post-production phase. We do not only design websites from scratch, but also redesign the old-fashioned interfaces offering a better UI. 

In Agiliway, we provide a range of web development services, including:  

  • Designing websites from scratch 
  • Changing UI design to keep up to date with modern tendencies 
  • Website optimization with new functionalities and services 
  • Adopting new design approaches to support clients and interested parties  
  • Migration from desktop to web to have more access options  
  • SEO optimization and landing pages customization 
  • Social media promotion  

Over time, our team acquired more and more skills at different CMS platforms and framework technologies. We have a bunch of experience working with such CMS platforms as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, which allow teams to advance their skills and offer a new vision while creating or optimizing websites. Taking the challenge of its learning curve, our specialists can operate different CMS. Learning how CMS works on a deeper level enables engineers to use various content options for adding new modules, managing text, extending permission rights for users, localizing websites into other languages, and scaling them to more users. Our team also possesses solid expertise at building e-commerce web solutions based on Magento, Oxid, Typo3, WordPress, and other platforms for clients from various industries.

Our specialists are proficient at various PHP and Javascript frameworks, which serve as a perfect basis for code structure. Among PHP frameworks, we successfully used Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii for developing web solutions. To mention past projects, our team used CodeIgniter on back-end and Javascript on the front-end to build a complex CRM solution for one of the automotive manufacturers. Among Javascript frameworks, our engineers possess an expertise at working with Ember JS, Angular JS, and React JS, which add to faster performance and scalability because of the vast array of pre-built components. Looking back, we used React JS for optimizing a clumsy HTML workout website into more functional and user-friendly web platform. We made the site more interactive improving the search tool and giving opportunities for users to choose a location where they can work out, a type of class, and instructor. 


Hiring and managing a team with a deep expertise in web and mobile app development is of paramount importance. We are eager to offer a custom mobile and web development solution based on your needs and turn it into more scalable, reliable, and trustworthy platform with appealing design and usability. Our engineers can build a new business solution from scratch, elaborate or add new modules to increase your target customer group. With a deep technological stack, our team takes challenges, elaborates on the business logics, and turns your needs into reality. 

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