Energy Supply Sector 13 | 07 | 2022

How We Help Transform the European Energy Supply Sector with React-based Solution

The energy market nowadays is going through significant changes focusing on the two main factors: a simplified process of maintaining gas and electricity supply and consciousness about the environment and climate change.

We partnered with our European client, a leading provider of gas and electricity supply and maintenance in business and residential buildings, who was seeking a reliable partner to help improve their development processes considering the key goals of the organization in the long run. In this article, we are analyzing the major development solutions we introduced and give an insight into some of the implementations.

About the project

Having unsuccessful cooperation with an outsourcing vendor, the client came to the Agiliway team to join their in-house team and help facilitate its operations through an extensive review of the architecture and establish planning for further development of the mobile app for iOS and Android.

The core scope of tasks comprised of

  • implementation of CI/CD method for mobile application
  • analyzing the existing functionality, what can be improved, and how to add more value to the product
  • accelerating their website performance
  • reviewing the Next.js-based static server generation that is written without single-page application functionality; hence, the pages are constantly refreshing

As to the business requirements, our development team had to bear in mind that the functionality shall be user-friendly, simple to comprehend, and easy to maintain (so that the client does not spend much on further support).

What we achieved with React-based solution so far

The client was interested in hiring Senior and Lead Engineers mainly. Therefore, when they contacted the Agiliway team, they knew that they need not only advanced specialists but also great team players who can conduct research, build a proof of concept, and come to discussions with the rest of the team with established ideas, etc.

Energy and gas solutions

Based on the client’s expectations, the team performed the following:

  • investigated CI/CD for iOS application building through the in-depth market analysis: we checked the performance of multiple tools regarding their speed, pricing, pros and cons, etc.
  • researched and analyzed the existing features of web applications
  • helped create a single-page application; therefore, static server rendering started operating properly
  • improved the frontend architecture utilizing Lerna-based monorepo which allowed the re-use of packages. Furthermore, building additional widgets became quicker and better owing to this solution
  • having monorepo packages led to a cleaner and better-structured code and independence of the packages allows simultaneous use of them, hence, speeding up the development process
  • simplified and reduced testing time by making changes to the architecture
  • started building React Native-based mobile application, where some of the packages (logic, constants, API requests, and more) are re-used from the web app, which significantly reduces the development time
  • set up AWS since it has multiple benefits crucial for the client’s platform operations. For example, it offers different services such as CodePipeline and CodeBuild that are vital for integration and continuous development.

In addition, the Agiliway experts are fully responsible for setting up CI/CD, carrying out Device Farm testing, distribution for testers, distribution to AppStore and Google Play Market, mobile development process, etc.

The technological stack utilized for this project consists of serverless Node + Express for backend and monorepo – React for web and React Native for mobile app in frontend.

Value delivered

Working on the project for the energy sector is both crucial and challenging since there are multiple aspects to be taken into account. The first and utmost requirement is to bring the best user experience from the product they use when it comes to home care services and energy consumption. The latter is a long-term goal of our client as they establish systems and services that help reduce the use of energy and therefore contribute to the solution of the arising climate changes.

The Agiliway engineers joined the client’s in-house team to boost the performance with their extensive knowledge in creating web and mobile applications with the help of the most popular technologies as well as bring their experience to add more value to the client’s business. This was achieved through the implementation of ideas that automate multiple processes, therefore, helping save money on the development and further maintenance of the product.


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