30 | 07 | 2019

Implementing MDM Solution for Corporate Use

Corporate device programs became a real toolkit allowing employees to optimize working processes. Within the organization, employees often share access to dozens of corporate sensitive data, send emails, and make Skype calls through their mobile phones. While this improves performance and teamwork, data misuse or loss also presents huge security risks. As a result, inappropriate data use can pose serious consequences for company reputation and may result in financial harm. Thus, it is required to protect corporate data to provide a full security and allow employees not to be afraid of any mobile security threats. Therefore, mobile device management can be the best solution for monitoring and securing business information, which provides opportunities for admins to remotely manage all user data based on GDPR compliance rules.


One of our clients contacted Agiliway with a need of security mobile program, which would protect all corporate data from emails to corporate policies. The company is specialized in IT security support and technology taking a leading role in providing a robust security software. The area of professional research is not only limited to mobile and web security, but also involves AI, big data, machine learning, automation technologies, and communication security. It effectively employs IT security training for its employees and supports the organizations to ensure effective security control including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Therefore, in a need to improve company employee device security, the client requested us to build MDM solution for mobile based on their own prototype.


To resolve the issues the company faced, it was obligatory to: 

  • Secure information for different employee’s roles to prevent data loss 
  • Prevent any unauthorized access to corporate data by means of network security protocols and data encryption  
  • Track any employee’s activities and actions by the data manager to define geolocation and time  
  • Build an alert system to notify a user about device performance, such as a low battery or low number of data storage  
  • Disable the phone in case of any unauthorized use by third parties and wipe data if the phone was stolen or lost 


On one hand, it was required to build a web portal for effective data management while on the other hand, it was needed to provide a MDM mobile solution running on Android and iOS. The given MDM solution ensures a full monitoring system of the company’s employees from tracking emails to corporate data. Thus, a data manager has access to the employee’s dashboard and sends remote commands in case of any unauthorized use. To create a fully functional web and mobile security platform, we managed to: 

  • Provide a user-friendly admin dashboard with different parameters including calls, messaging, chat, and media to track user’s activities  
  • Monitor user’s GPS location in a live mode including past GPS history and build Geo data points tagged in a specific manner  
  • Configure a GPS leash for the user device and get email or SMS notifications when one changes its location 
  • Allow multiple data managers to have own permission to the admin panel and bring necessary changes  
  • Transmit remote commands by data manager to the target device from sending GPS to Web to uninstallation process 
  • Record calls, audio, video, and any media from a mobile device as well as report newly added ones to ensure security  


MDM solution for mobile presents a user-friendly, fully pre-configured, and robust system for monitoring employee devices and prevent any data leakage. To ensure a right device use and performance, the given mobile security program protects all corporate data by tracking GPS and checking user’s call logs, contacts, emails, and different types of media through secure connections. Building a fully functional web portal, now data managers have access to all user information, have rights to send alerts, and wipe out the corporate data if the device was lost or stolen. The given MDM solution plays a vital role in preventing any corporate device use by third parties. Thus, the company would move in a better way to ensure privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of the data by company counterparts.  

Agiliway team ensures full security and data confidentiality complying with GDPR principles. We can consult you and offer professional advice on building a right MDM solution based on your requirements.  

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