18 | 11 | 2019

Welcome a New Socially Oriented Project: A Key to Your Overall Safety Comfort

The modern world fascinates us with a vast range of possibilities, new gadgets and creative ideas. However, along with a bright and highly positive business perspective, we are frequently finding ourselves in a state of fear and alert while heading somewhere alone.

In order not to have this uncomfortable and sometimes a real health threatening state of mind chasing us everywhere and every time, the socially oriented application has been developed.

What are the core principles of the app? It is a socially oriented project, the main purpose of which is to help people by ensuring their walk is completed successfully. In other words, if a person is travelling or moving in a dangerous, place or in case of any trouble, they can always let the others know their precise location with the application activated.  


The client was quite specific about the project requirements. He clearly structured his final version project vision for the three user modes: a new user, user’s upcoming app usage and a user who is permanently using the app; along with a so-called ‘receiver’ of a social notification. The initial instructions were the following:

User’s 1st use:  User is starting the App.  On verifying the mobile phone number, the User can de-/activate social alert (default: off, when active Users within 2 Meters will get notified). User can change settings and/or start the service.

User’s upcoming app usage:  User is starting the App.  User can change settings and/or start the service.

User is using the app: User selects contact(s). User defines the counter/seconds (30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 min, 5 min). User is running the app and enters a 4-digit pin (this pin is needed to stop the app from running, to prevent misuse, etc.).

Requirements for the project User as a Receiver of social service activation (social-notify):

  • Notwithstanding whether the app is active or not, the User is receiving an in-app-message, when other person’s alert within 200 meters is activated.
  • User is getting a notification:Please help here: [live-location]”

Consequently, due to such a detailed and in-depth project description, we went headlong into the app development and implementation process.



While embarking on the project, our team aimed at meeting all the client’s requirements, reaching highly accurate outcomes as well as extracting great value from the app usage. We managed to regulate time duration and contact list changes, ‘social notify’ and social alert’ functions setting peculiarities, etc.

Consequently, the following platforms and applications were used in the course of this socially oriented application development:

  • a specific platform Twilio was used for a mobile phone verification process;
  • iOS app., which also supports iOS13(the latest version), was implemented;
  • AWS, as a server, was commonly used by the application;   
  • Apple Map was used for a location showing (to visualize a roadmap).

What is more, an administrative board for managing users was created on the basis of our own backend development – Node.js technology – as an open code platform for JavaScript.


The core flow of the application includes the following actions: the user starts the timer when they begin their walk and stops on reaching a destination point; if the timer is timed out, a special in-app message with the map and exact place of ‘victim’s’ real-time location will be sent to friends or other application’s social users nearby so that other people would know that something has happened to their friend.

The overall value of the project is huge as it adds to our everyday safety greatly. There is hardly anything more important and essential than a feeling of ongoing care and support wherever you go and whatever you do.



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