28 | 12 | 2021

Power-boosting NGOs and Nonprofits with CiviMobile

It’s essential that NGOs adopt software that helps them to manage internal processes, especially when the manifold members are involved. Agiliway software development team partnered with CiviCRM to create custom solutions that will help to structure, maintain and improve the internal and external processes of NGOs. We also developed CiviMobile, a mobile application that is fully compatible with CiviCRM and improves the efficiency of team daily workflow.

What makes CiviCRM a great platform for NGOs and who are the target users of CiviCRM and CiviMobile you can read in this magazine (page 78-79).

NGOs face a lot of challenges in their daily life. First, it’s overwhelming to fill out paperwork. Since NGOs deal with a large amount of data stored in different places, it will take a while to find a name or a contribution. Considering that many of these organizations work with tons of papers that also occupy lots of space. The larger an organization is, the more document-related issues may arise.

Second, it is complicated to keep up with the flow of donors to an organization, especially, track their activity and participation. It takes a lot of time and effort to organize, check, track and contact all members and donors to update their status and activity.

Third, many NGOs utilize multiple tools to manage their processes. Usually, there is no integration option among all of them, therefore, there’ll be an issue with matching all the pieces together.

Finally, we can now conclude that NGOs face a vast scope of issues that can easily be solved with the adoption of a single solution that can be customized according to their needs. This decision will help to transform and reduce the lengthy and time-consuming process of internal reporting, connecting with other members, arranging events, tracking activity, adding an automated contribution system, and eventually, getting you closer to achieving the desired results.

CiviMobile – the best CRM mobile application for nonprofits

The idea of creating a mobile application for one of the world’s most popular CRMs for non-profit and civic organizations, appeared when we were creating a custom version of CiviCRM, open-source software for various NGOs. One of the major drawbacks we faced was that the majority of members of an enterprise spend most of their time outside their offices, hence, didn’t have full-time access to the information on their desktop. The only way of getting access to this data was through the web version of the system from a mobile device. That wasn’t very comfortable and even challenging at some point.


Adopting CiviCRM and CiviMobile will bring numerous advantages to your organization, in particular, all your data will be stored in one place, and all the processes will be automated. Additionally, you can manage fundraising and the donor history.

Moreover, you can organize events, surveys, campaigns that span multiple sessions, days, and locations in the CRM. This is a perfect tool for establishing an effective interaction and information exchange with your colleagues and potential partners.


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