Software Development Company vs. Freelancer (2) 11 | 05 | 2021

Software Development Company vs. Freelancer: What to choose?

Although partnering with a company to work on a project or product is usually an option for large companies and enterprises, the niche of freelance specialists shall not be neglected as it provides services to small and medium-size organizations, startups.

Regardless of the option your organization prefers, it is always crucial to carefully research the portfolio of a freelancer or a company. It definitely shall be supported with feedback from previous clients including both professional and soft skills. in order to avoid any significant risks, it is highly recommended to sign a contract to ensure timely and duly performance of the clauses of the agreement by every party. Whilst looking for a reliable and qualified software development service provider, be that a freelancer or a company, always analyze all pros and cons, consider potential risks, and bear in mind plans you have for your business.


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