Media Solution 11 | 12 | 2023

Unleashing Creativity: Digital Media Management Solution

The internet contains massive volumes of content and sometimes it is hard to find or collect necessary information. Undoubtedly, the process of creating high-quality material is quite demanding and requires a significant investment of time. Nowadays, we are flooded with a great deal of data.

To avoid wasting time on online searches, one of our American clients recommended creating a system for the Media industry that stores and handles enormous volumes of data. The program aimed to enable businesses and individuals to concentrate on the material they read or write by autonomously gathering information and monitoring their work process and progress.

It is particularly valuable for professionals in fields such as research, marketing, sales, and customer service, who require a comprehensive and insightful approach to content consumption. The tool eliminates distractions from the work process and saves time spent surfing the internet by searching for data relevant to their current tasks.


  • Facilitating seamless integration across multiple platforms, including emails, collaboration tools, the internet, and SaaS solutions, for efficient scanning.
  • Empowering users to personalize content targeting areas where they may face challenges in progressing with their ongoing tasks.
  • Automatically identifying and suggesting similar projects or initiatives, fostering connections with respective authors and owners.
  • Emphasizing critical information to deliver effective results in a more time-efficient manner.
  • Gaining valuable insights, searching within designated websites, and accessing supplementary information related to selected text through diverse integrations.


  • Dashboard: Developed a web browser solution that serves as the central hub for managing and configuring the entire scanning process. Users can customize the tool’s behavior, set search parameters, and monitor scanning progress from the dashboard.
  • Google Chrome Extension: Created a powerful Google Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with the web browser. This extension enables users to scan content directly within web pages, extract key information, and receive relevant insights.
  • Back-end Services: Built robust back-end services that handle the core functionality of the scanning tool, including business logic, data storage, language analysis, and various integrations. These services provide the foundation for the dashboard and extension to function seamlessly.

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This application is intended for people and teams that need to organize and evaluate information from several sources. It is especially useful for professionals in research, marketing, sales, and customer support who demand a complete and intelligent approach to information consumption.

Agiliway not only offered a technical solution that was in line with the project’s duties and needs, but they also provided essential CTO services, including ideas, UX/UI recommendations, and extra features that not only improved the content management tool but also added value to its commercial elements. This accomplishment was made possible by establishing a highly experienced team of software development engineers with extensive technical backgrounds.

By providing users with a single platform for obtaining, evaluating, and modifying essential information, the deployment of this tool dramatically increased their efficiency and productivity. It will also enhance decision-making and problem-solving by facilitating cooperation and information sharing across teams and organizations.

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