25 | 06 | 2019

WooCommerce Solution for Small Business

E-commerce has changed human buying habits. Traditional shopping is gradually disappearing to pay a way for more comfortable and interactive online shop customer experience. Web stores made in friendly design and easy navigation bring a better search options and trust overall. Providing a good shopping cart functionality and social media strategy decreases cart abandonment rates and increases conversion. Agiliway has deep experience and knowledge of both marketing business and technical e-commerce perspectives to ensure proper product delivery. That’s why one of the Ukrainian clients contacted us to enhance their web cosmetics e-store. It is a small family business, which produces home-made skin-care products. As it rapidly has been growing, the number of requests from potential clients started increasing in a fast way; hence, business owners faced a need to organize the products and automate the sales. 

Provided Solution

Considering that the project was carried out for a small to middle businesses, Agiliway recommended using WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress. We have had already experience in developing e-commerce solutions on Magento, Oxid, WooCommerce and other platforms, which encouraged us to continue building e-stores. In one of the articles published before, we highlighted that e-shop development on WooCommerce is way easier than Magento as the first option is friendly to use as well as handle data through the page templates and write a code. On the contrary, Magento is more complex in terms of development as the given CMS requires more skills and time to manage architecture and customize tools. Thus, integrating WooCommerce into Wordpress became a perfect solution for developers to meet the needs of this client and create fully functional e-store. 

Such online shop solution offers a range of benefits as WooCommerce:  

  • is powerful enough to support different categories of cosmetic products along with aesthetic and friendly UI 
  • has a convenient product management admin with logical and consistent structure  
  • implements a shopping cart with nice checkout system, such as optimized order summary, convenient table-based layout, and better check out process visualization
  • integrates payment gateway offering various payment methods  
    provides the ability to put likes and comment on the products
  •   is easy in further maintenance and support for an end-user 

Agiliway implemented the WooCommerce web store in a short period and with little client’s investment using technologies such as WordPressWooCommerce 2.6, Bootstrap UI, and MySQL db.  


woocomerce, wordpress


WooCommerce solution has allowed the owners to grow their business and offer more functional e-store for customers. In particular, the client automated the sales process by leaving more space for creativity and production. Admins gained the opportunity to manage data more consistently based on the structured product design panel. Adding more content on the website improved the customer’s search and made it more reliable. Our client was able to quickly advance their e-business into the market due to the rapid implementation of the project. The client managed to save a good part of the budget one planned to invest in an e-store because of selecting competitive pricing. 

 Agiliway specialists possess multi-year experience behind in e-commerce development starting from relatively simple e-stores like the one described in this article to the huge corporate platforms, which allow managing hundred of thousands of different products and million of buyers  for example, as we wrote about one of such e-commerce projects recently. We are experienced not only in WooCommerce, but also Oxid, Magento, Shopware, Odoo and other platforms. Please feel free to write us if you need any assistance or further recommendations on choosing the right e-commerce platform and building a quality business solution. 

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