Agiliway turnes 7 05 | 08 | 2022

Agiliway Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Every day we grow and implement projects together as a team, side-by-side. We write code, test, write again, analyze, calculate, write articles, make videos, meet, communicate with our clients… Neither COVID nor war can stop us.

This year Agiliway turns seven. And all this time we are all about a common idea that unites us, one vector, people and humaneness, the results we reach every day. 7 years of volunteering and unity, being unbreakable, respect and support. Seven years of our growth and victories. Seven years ago, we were brave enough to start Agiliway with just 4 of us, and now there are 220. And some of them are on the frontline defending our country from russia.

No matter where we live, we stay together.

Austin, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Sumy, Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Krakow.

Agiliway Team

Agiliway as a company has shown steady growth throughout the entire time. It has grown by 30% over the past year. Our team is growing along with the number of our clients from all over the world. So far, we have worked with businesses and organizations from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Greece, Israel, Norway, France, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Ireland, Chili, Columbia, and, of course, Ukraine. We are working hard to ensure that all of them get the best quality service regardless of their cultural background or location. Our customers record and send us videos where they share their experience of collaborating with Agiliway and express appreciation to the team.

We are safe and expanding!

Autumn last year became a starting point to work on a Business Continuity plan due to the intensive presence of the russian troops near Ukraine’s northern borders. That was a signal to us to think over BCP to maintain business operations if russia attacks Ukraine.

We started preparing our Ukrainian offices: from organizing food stock and temporary shelters to setting generators to supply the electricity in case of a blackout and satellite internet connection. Our tech specialists were the first to try out connecting to Starlink service, and once it became available in Ukraine, set it up in our Lviv office. As part of the implementation of BCP, the key specialists were ready to relocate to neighboring western countries in case of invasion to ensure that our clients continue receiving proper services regardless.

Since the Agiliway team was planning to open another office in one of the EU countries, the company was ready. The russian invasion just sped up the process. After many considerations, Krakow, Poland was chosen due to its proximity to our Lviv office and since the majority of our team members are from here. Moreover, the Polish software development market is one of the largest in Eastern Europe, however, there is still a huge gap between the specialists’ demand and supply. This office will consist not only of specialists from Ukraine but from EU countries as well. This is our 4th location (Austin, Lviv, Chernivtsi). Ivano-Frankivsk is next.


Our success is based on persistence and a desire to grow. Early 2022 became an important milestone for Agiliway, as we became Microsoft Gold Partners and several of our team members are now certified Azure Developer Associates. The certification became an additional component to our ISO 27001:2013 standard adoption. Last year we successfully passed the initial ISO certification and this year we got an updated approval of our data security and company management strategies. We proved once again that Agiliway is a reliable business partner with who your information is protected.

Also, our software development team also released updates to CiviMobile – Agiliway’s own product. We are official partners of CiviCRM, therefore, many of the features created by our team can be introduced to CiviCRM clients too.

We are studying and learning!

We consistently focus on meeting the needs of our team members, and their personal and professional development. For this reason, we have a mentoring program, where our senior specialists and top management share their knowledge and help grow both horizontally and vertically. Besides that, we organize lectures on psychology, health, traditions, etc. with speakers who are professionals in their respective fields.

In addition, the Agiliway team members get access to an electronic and paper library, engaging and support for those who want to participate in professional public events (lectures at the University, company training). Therefore, any of our specialists can volunteer to become a speaker at one of the company’s events outside.

Agiliway training center

One of the educational projects we are extremely proud of is the Agiliway Training Center. We invite interns to enroll in one of our programs and, potentially, stay to work with Agiliway. Over the last year, we organized and conducted 6 programs within ATC in Clojure/ClojureScript, frontend, Java, PM, PHP, and full-stack. Our interns not only get to communicate with experienced specialists but are also paid while they participate in the course.

We are traveling and meeting new people!

The Agiliway team members have participated in over 30 international conferences across the USA and Europe over the last few years. Among them are Voice Summit, Silicon Slopes, Energy in Data, Data Day Texas, Data Council, SXSW, CTO Connection, State of Tech, Web Summit, and many others.

Agiliway conferences

BPO department

As part of the Agiliway team, our BPO department also shows significant growth and progress. Currently, there are 12 people in the department. The scope of tasks they perform is huge and includes call center duties (incoming and outgoing calls, work with non-payments of insurance companies); the processing of orders; work with social networks; maintenance of company websites (content); administrative work (correspondence, calendar management); work in the field of sales (search for companies, initial calls (cold calling), work with CRM systems); research work in various fields; work with invoices (full management of the client’s primary accounting); creating presentations; price analysis and pricing for certain services; copywriting, and more.

The department works in various areas of business support that ensure proper operations of a business.

We are supporting Ukraine’s Armed Forces!

Many Ukrainians from all over the planet united to help our Army. From young kids selling cherries to retired people sharing food and money, we have all become a joint force in fighting Russian aggression. Everyone does whatever they can to help. And so does Agiliway!

Since February 24, we collected over UAH 5 million and purchased thermographic cameras, quadcopters, Starlinks, optic sights, ammunition, and vehicles for the Armed Forces. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our clients by our side. We are grateful for staying with our company and supporting Ukraine. We continue to do everything in our power till the victory.

Agiliway Donations


As Agiliway turns 7, we are reviewing our year. We grew a lot and achieved a lot. We stick together, work together, and support each other. The stability our team is showing inspires us to do better and become better. We are grateful to everyone who supports us down the road. We appreciate our clients who stay with us during this turbulent time in Ukraine’s history. We move forward regardless of everything. We are strong because we stay together.


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