CRM Implementation Services

CRM Implementation Services

We implement, customize and support CRM solution for businesses and organizations!


CRM Implementation

Customer relationship management systems (CRM) help to manage, analyze and, thus, improve the relationship and interactions with your contacts: customers, leads, marketing targets, users of your services, organizational members, supporters, volunteers, or any other persons or organizations you would like to keep a relationship with. CRM solutions are equally helpful for both commercial companies selling goods and services and not-for-profit organizations that need to manage their members, contributors, or constituents. Quality implementation of the CRM system largely contributes to overall success. Agiliway has great expertise in different open source CRM like CiviCRM, developed for nonprofit organizations, and Sugar/SuiteCRM or Odoo CRM – popular CRM software solutions for business. Use an implementation of CRM services now to capitalize on your professional contacts.

CiviCRM Implementation Services from a CiviCRM Partner and Contributor

While there are many CRM solutions businesses can choose from, no other CRM software can compete with CiviCRM in terms of meeting the needs of NGOs and nonprofits. It includes a lot of specific features, like membership or fundraising, which are vital for non-commercial organizations and make CiviCRM stand apart from other commercial CRMs.

Agiliway is a certified partner of CiviCRM. We not only help our clients to build their own solutions with CiviCRM, but also actively contribute to the CiviCRM community by developing new extensions and components (e.g. Graphical CiviCalendar), localizing CiviCRM, and popularizing CRM software solutions among NGOs and nonprofits. Going further Agiliway has provided CiviMobile – a mobile app for CiviCRM that considerably extends the capability of the CRM.

CiviCRM Partner

Why Implement CiviCRM

CiviCRM is one of the best CRM solutions for nonprofit organizations. In addition to common functionalities the majority of CRMs provide, such as contacts and campaigns management, mass emailing, and scheduling of meetings and calls, CiviCRM offers a set of features, which are specific to not-for-profit organizations. These features include:

  1. 1. Membership management
  2. 2. Contribution management
  3. 3. Case management
  4. 4. Event management
  5. 5. Peer to Peer Fundraising
  6. 6. Surveys and Petitions

What is more, CiviCRM allows easy data sharing, so that organizations can display information about various events, activities, and projects on their public websites, which is critical to organizations seeking constituency engagement and support.

Other substantial benefits of CiviCRM include:

  • Low cost

    CiviCRM is a totally free product. All you pay for is implementation and hosting
  • Customizability

    CiviCRM is highly flexible so that a user can define custom data fields or workflows, which are specific to their organization, and/or customize CRM processes, workflows, reports, form layouts, etc.
  • Supportability

    CiviCRM uses a very popular PHP language and integrates with Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress CMSs. In addition, there is a big CiviCRM community, which can provide the necessary support.
Other substantial benefits of CiviCRM include

What we do

Agiliway provides a full range of CRM implementation services to meet the specific needs of our clients and maximize benefits from their CiviCRM solutions. In particular, our team can:

  • Carry out a thorough analysis of business processes and requirements and suggest appropriate process engineering solutions
  • Perform CiviCRM solution implementation
  • Provide CiviCRM hosting
  • Assure permanent monitoring and upgrading of hosted CiviCRM solutions
  • Localize the product and customize it to the client’s needs
  • Develop CiviCRM extensions
  • Setup mobile app for CiviCRM
  • Provide CiviCRM maintenance services
  • Provide end-user training
  • Prepare user guides and instructions
  • Integrate CiviCRM with clients’ websites, ERPs, and other systems (e.g. online payment)

How we work

We acknowledge that the clients find it difficult to visualize the suggested software solution and tend to revise the requirements in the process of working with the final product. This is why Agiliway uses an iterative implementation methodology, which presupposes gradual development of the solution with repetitive cycles including testing of the developed version and analysis of the client’s feedback. Such CRM implementation methodology assures quicker releases and prevents wasting time and effort while heading in the wrong direction. After the CRM installation, Agiliway ensures the flawless performance of the software by tracking relevant changes and providing distant consulting.

How we work

CRM Implementation Case Study

All in One CiviCRM

See how the CiviCRM solution, which we have implemented for one of our clients, addresses the client’s needs and challenges.

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