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In the era of digital technologies, it would sound odd not to utilize the existing advantages for the Logistics domain, which is so popular, even critical, presently. Wider possibilities, new technologies, ongoing updates and hi-tech solutions make the field highly interesting and challenging for everyone. We, in Agiliway, are closely familiar with ‘smart transportation’ concept and, what is more, its essence development and effective realization. We know how to optimize and facilitate supplier-customer communication and collaboration activities.

Project Management Phases we pursue are the following:

01   Development
02   Design
03   Implementation
04   Maintenance
05   Support
The full cycle of project management in logistics is not a problem for Us: it is up to you to choose your way and make your choice. Flexibility and multifunctionality is our alter ego.

In Agiliway, we can boldly state having solid expertise in:

Fleet management
Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation
GPS tracking system
Profound analytics/additional analyses
Integrated logistics, etc.

While Working Out

Payment system development
Design development platforms
Automated System Alerts
And much more
Real time route tracking
Mapping work (including MapBox functionality)
Order management

Actually, all the client’s requirements and visions together with certain supplementary project features needed are satisfied by our engineering team while meeting all the deadlines and standing up to all the expectations.

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With Us You Can

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Raise profits
  • Increase productivity / Improve efficiency
  • Make your transportation service modern, technologically competitive and, consequently, profitable

Success Stories


Taxi and Delivery Web Application Development

Taxi and driver tracking and managing system of a complete project cycle. The project’s functionality included taxi tracking; order management; phone API, etc. What is more, to cater to the needs of the customer, there was developed a MapBox functionality to display both route markers and order markers for better tracking and visualization processes.

GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking solutions for vehicle fleet management is a mobile innovative system, with immediate access to the system and a convenient dashboard. It has the possibility to watch the movement of a vehicle in real-time, create the routes and analysis a lot of data. The company grew the number of its partners and receives particularly positive feedback on the performance and functionality of the GPS tracking system.

Improving Logistical Packaging for Retail Business

The given e-commerce solution, namely a packaging and delivery system of the biggest food retailers involving +20 e-commerce stores in different states allowed merchants to optimize their working processes, improve end-user experience, and thus, increase profit. Employees can use the benefits of more automated packaging and delivery network system by managing all products from the web app. As a result, the client can reduce the unnecessary labor time and minimize time on delivery by optimizing the distribution process.
In Agiliway, we have had ample experience in a full-fledged support and modernization of the outdated software solutions as well as a profound development of the projects in the domain of Logistics. The clients have turned to us having in their minds to either update, innovate or upgrade the service they provide or implement their project ideas in practice. So, consultations, support, back office integrations, full cycle development and maintenance are the points we are experts in. In order to provide high-quality products and services to satisfy our clients, we utilize the newest technologies, methodologies and software. Many of our clients are frequently willing to go on with the cooperation on both existing product’s iterations and new creative ideas implementation.

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In case efficiency maximization, high level multilateral support and higher profits are on your business agenda, turn to our Agiliway experts and make your transportation services second to none.

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