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Healthcare systems worldwide today are in great demand for progressive solutions to help track and monitor the health state and much more to that. Agiliway has hands-on experience in creating high-performance custom healthcare software solutions. We integrate strategy and bring it into life. If your company seeks a professional and devoted development team, you’ve come to the right place. Having collaborated with global healthcare organizations, Agiliway will help you design, build, and implement the solutions you are looking for. The modern market demands flexibility, skills, and constant growth. This is what our clients expect, and this is what we give them.

For the past years, Agiliway has implemented a number of solutions for our clients involved in healthcare niche to help them build strong and advanced applications for patients, medical staff, and organizations establishing a solid level of health management and healthcare service.


Early Diagnostics and Prevention


24/7 Health Tracking





Early Diagnostics and Prevention
  • Multi-module systems for accurate image interpretation
  • Machine Learning and AI technology for lowering the risks of delayed diagnosis
  • Data extraction and analyzes to identify any abnormalities in the human tissues, e.g. breast tissues to early-diagnose and alarm potential cancer symptoms.
Early Diagnostics and Prevention
24/7 Health Tracking
24/7 Health Tracking
  • Smart IoT solution to track and monitor the occurrence of suspicious or unusual health issues
  • Development of a functional mobile app to detect the location with GPS
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Video integration with a capture system to check upon the user’s health state
  • Authorized access only
  • Advanced training of medical staff
  • A manifold of courses and activities to keep members of the platform involved
  • Increased quality level of patient’s treatment
  • Cutting-edge technologies, and the latest treatment techniques
  • Remote check-ups and patient monitoring solution through video sessions
  • Secure data storage and transmission system
Agiliway takes healthcare solutions to the next level with first-class expertise in:
AI integration
Machine Learning
GPS Tracking Design, Development, and Deployment
Implementing Cloud Services
the Latest Front and Backend Technologies
Enhanced CRM solutions
Agiliway offers

Agiliway offers its partners full-cycle project management that includes:

  • Business Analysis and Consultancy
  • UI/UX design
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • 24/7 Support
  • GDPR-compliant software
  • SEO optimization

Success Stories

Clojure Web and Mobile App Development for Telemedicine

The project is a big step forward in digital healthcare technologies as it allows reducing time spent on clinical visits. The platform is focused on the definition of a patient’s health status, illnesses, and other health deviations through video sessions. With the help of machine learning, patients can track their condition and double-check results by an online doctor for more accuracy as well.

Smart IoT Solution for Seniors in Healthcare Industry​

This smart home solution is providing seniors to keep track of their motions and observe any health issues or unusual activities. Thus, our development team came up with a new high availability software solution, which can be integrated at the user’s home and take control over their daily routine activities.

Healthcare/Fintech Industry: Multi-Platform Clojure Solution

This multi-platform, multi-app solution for enabling the end-users’ easy and fast communication with the medical provider’s network, pay for services, visualize the reports on expenditures, etc. The product is aiming to change the system of healthcare for patients, providers, and employers by delivering a clear and affordable healthcare experience for patients, efficiently optimized financial operations and eliminating the need for outsourced collections, reducing health insurance costs and unpredictability for Employers.
Avail of the opportunity to contact us and request a solution that will grow your business into the FinTech giant. You have an idea and we know how to implement it.

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