Online education has become inextricably linked to modern life. The world is changing, so does the educational sphere. Users worldwide find it way more convenient to study whilst staying at home without having to waste time to get to a certain location. Online teaching / learning is not something new but still many do not take advantage of it. Why is e-Learning becoming so attractive and how can businesses benefit from it?

Agiliway offers developing custom e-Learning software for every niche from teaching enterprises to corporate training.


If you have a ubiquitous product and want it to stand out among the others, Agiliway can implement your craziest and most advanced ideas.

Our development teams are ready to enhance the already existing project or start a new one from scratch. It doesn’t matter, but what matters is the final result. Our engineers possess a vast scope of expertise and experience on the latest technological advances to make sure you receive a bug-free, AI-powered top-notch custom software developed to satisfy all your needs and requirements.

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Regardless of the stage of your project, we make sure we cover:

  • R&D/Business Analytics
  • Development process with the most recent frontend and backend technologies
  • GDPR/HIPAA-compliant data regulation
  • Quality assurance

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No matter what is your e-Learning domain and purpose, your users have to know that they are fully engaged in the educational process. To interest them in utilizing our client’s software, we apply AI-powered solutions to personalize applications and customize them to the most urgent and sophisticated needs

Our edtech solutions key priorities address:

  • Versatility and practice created by the user-friendly and simple interface to ensure the high-level learning environment
  • Flawless integration of additional applications and tools into the system for increasing its functional variability to allow further system enhancement and advancement
  • Adjustability and modularity of the software to attract multilingual and multicultural users as well as customization of learning and training courses

We are experienced in creating and enhancing the software for:

Agiliway provides custom software development services for e-Learning industry enterprises that cover the growing demand for specific training for specialists from all walks of life. We are experienced in creating and enhancing the software for

Healthcare organizations

Healthcare organizations to train and improve staff members level of patient treatment quality

IT industry companies, employees and clients

IT industry companies, employees and clients to increase working efficiency, get new skills, or learn more about the topic on the grounds of the specific case samples

Non-profit enterprises

Non-profit enterprises to boost staff performance to get better results

Success Stories

Building Web e-Learning App for International Educational Platform

.Net | Angular

The e-Learning platform developed for our US client was focused on the educational staff as well as the students. As the end-product, the client got a completely functional Education Management System (EMS), which allowed producing, managing, storing educational data; analyzing and reporting educational information including schools, students, teachers, and staff. Multifunctionality, scalability but the simplicity of the platform serves to the fact that currently the application has been widely used internationally.

Agiliway Helps to Advance the e-Learning Platform Architecture

.Net | Angular | AWS

The e-Learning platform for enterprise’s staff and customers which aim at creating the best and most comfortable learning environment with the most suitable materials that meet the specific needs of an individual. Custom-designed educational or informational courses are based on the immense scope of material and resources as well as are compiled into the exclusive programs to broaden the horizons and help grow as professionals. Besides, companies can add their training materials to the platform and start using it immediately.

E-Learning Solution for Healthcare Association


Developing a new e-Learning platform allowed the healthcare association to attract more members and provide them with the opportunity to improve their qualification. Members could register for courses online or pay for the yearly membership, which could be done with one click of the mouse. The given e-Learning solution allowed them to improve expertise based on their professional ambitions and maintain better health care practices.

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    Agiliway team leverages its hands-on 25-year experience to create the best solutions for our clients.

    We can build your edtech platform utilizing the best methods to establish the most comfortable and productive environment for your users to choose from multiple e-Learning methods.

    Under your requirements and through our thorough project management process we can implement interactive instructor-led e-lessons with electronic simulations, mobile learning, virtual and video classrooms for online discussions one-on-one with a teacher or in groups.

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