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Non-governmental and Nonprofit organizations occupy their particular niche in the worldwide division scheme. There is counted ever-growing number of them being of various types and focus. Consequently, their demands and needs have risen as well, thus requiring for their inner systems considerable facilitation, optimization and overall modernization.
As the organizations are aiming at facilitating and improving people’s lives in a number of ways, the Agiliway team believe it to be of utmost importance to assist the NGOs to make their contributions of even greater impact. This is the core idea of our close and fruitful collaboration with the non-governmental parties, the power which motivates and inspires. In Agiliway, we have solid expertise working with Non-governmental and Nonprofits organizations both nationally and internationally.
We have been closely cooperating with a good number of them including:
Membership management focused sector
Membership management focused sector
Fundraising oriented organizations
Fundraising oriented organizations
Administrative direction
Administrative direction
Data storage/management field
Data storage/ management field
To be more precise, we have worked with the following clients:
Religious organizations
Political parties
Healthcare providers
Civic organizations
Environmental communities
And others
To better serve the interests of the NGO (nonprofits) sector, our engineering Agiliway team developed CiviCRM application: a mobile version of CiviCRM. Many of the benefits below have been obtained through the app implementation, integration and customization. The latest version allows for CiviMobile enhanced implementation, integration, customization.

For the time being, the Non- governmental and Nonprofit communities have seen five versions of the application, with the latest version being the latest one. It allows NGOs to leverage their smartphone-software benefits and to manage their activities, organize their contacts/calendars and so on:

High-level data protection
Contacts management/synchronization
Various profiles management
Schedule management with Graphical Calendar
Your day planning with Event Agenda, etc.

It is hard to enlist all the features available with the CiviMobile app; it is much better to try it instead.

More info on CiviMobile site

24/7 support
To add to every project scalability and functionality, we also provide:
  • Mobile platform development and design
  • Native (iOS and Android), as well as hybrid apps (React Native, Ionic, etc.)
  • Cross-platform development
Besides, we offer your mobile app improvement, relevant testing, usability increase and better visual experience.
Custom Web development
Modern web solutions
User Interface (UI) optimizing
Adding extra functionalities to thesolutions existing
Site search optimization

Actually, with our web development services a lot of NGOs and non-profits have gained plenty of enhancements and positive growth.

What are the results of our cooperation?
  • Additional conventionality
  • Enhancement
  • Facilitation
  • Mobility
  • And much more
24/7 support

Success Stories


All in One CiviCRM

Developing the CiviCRM-based solution for the political party that became an important tool in systematizing and automating the internal processes of the client is one of the key milestones for the company. The CiviCRM platform was extended crucially utilizing multiple modules and features that enhanced the functionality of the solution, its security and became a reliable tool for internal processes management and daily tasks performance.

Mobile App Development for a Socially-Oriented Project

The application ensures safety for its users by sharing their exact location with the authorized individuals or other app’s social users. The service allows starting the countdown when a user sets off to the destination point, and if the user hasn’t arrived, the application notifies friends or other users nearby that something happened in the area indicating the precise location of an accident.

Single Sign On Access for CiviCRM

Although core features of CiviCRM met the client’s needs, the idea of having extended solution for NGO that boosts internal communication in the organization became the key tasks during the development process. Its main peculiarity is the Single Sign On feature compliant with different paid ID service providers including OneLogin, Azure AD, and more. Integrating Workplace by Facebook into the CiviCRM enlarged the existing scope of features and simplified and facilitated the communication and collaboration processes within the organization.
A number of the NGOs turning to the Agiliway experts is currently increasing, which is a sign of satisfaction and high estimation of our mutual collaboration. We do have many new ideas to develop and implement along with plenty of expertise to share. In case you have a feeling of any kind of consultation/assistance lacking, our Agiliway experts are always here to help.

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