Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Quality Assurance & Software Testing


Agiliway pays close attention to quality management competency in order to assure predictable quality of our deliverables as well as the services and solutions of our clients. We focus on both directions – Quality Assurance to set up proper quality management processes, and Software Testing to assure control of product/service releases.

Quality Assurance Services

Agiliway provides a QA service that aims at evaluating internal processes, gaps discovering, QA system implementation, and staff coaching. The final goal of the QA testing team is to define weak areas and help our partner improve QA services processes to the degree that guarantees quality output and minimizes the possibility of mistakes.

Software Testing Services

With the critical need for high-quality software, the demand for software quality assurance services is on the rise. Agiliway provides reliable quality verification as part of all our development projects. We offer Software Testing and assessment as independent services for solutions developed by other vendors or clients’ internal teams.

Agiliway Software Testing services cover manual- and automated testing and usually include multiple types of testing depending on software requirement and complexity including but not limited to: smoke testing, functional testing, UI and usability testing, integration testing, regression testing, performance and stress testing, load testing, security testing. Using our software QA services, we validate and ensure the proper software development cycle based on your needs. Our software quality assurance services constitute a two-fold approach involving defect management and quality attributes model to assess your software.

Our Portfolio

Agiliway provides rigorous Software Testing and QA services for your projects including:

  • Test strategy design
  • Test cases planning and execution for different types of testing
  • Issue prioritization and tracking
  • Software Testing process quality reporting
  • Quality Assurance processes evaluation and gap analysis
  • QA system implementation

Major technologies

  • TestTrack
  • JIRA
  • TestPerfect
  • xCode
  • Selenium
  • JMeter
  • FireBug
  • BugSense
  • Gtmetrix
  • Rally

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