Over the last decade, mobile devices have changed our lives significantly. An average person has at least two mobile devices and spends about two hours a day using mobile applications. This is huge and a growing market which covers all-age audience – including very young kids and seniors. This market has plenty of room for different types of applications from games and entertainment tools to commercial solutions or social communication networks. Moreover, it also mandates desktop and web applications to have mobile versions if they want to stay competitive. In other words – your business should actively support mobile devices to keep winning positions.

This is where Agiliway will be able to help you. Our mobile development team has deep expertise in Android and iOS development. We are experts in design that fits multiple gadgets and resolutions. Our specialists are experienced in migration desktop and/or web applications to/from a native mobile platform. We know how to improve usability of your mobile application and how to test it to assure fast bug-free code.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio of Mobile Development services includes:

  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Fit design to multiple gadgets and resolutions
  • UI/UX
  • Mobile application testing
  • Desktop and web application migration
  • Games development

Major technologies

Android | iOS | Windows Mobile | HTML5 | React Native | Cordova | Xamarin