Agiliway is recognized as Microsoft Gold Partner

Gold Microsoft Partner Agiliway

After becoming Microsoft Silver Partner, the Agiliway team continued advancing our internal processes and improving the overall operations to comply with the highest Microsoft partnership standards. We begin our 2022 with yet another great news – we’ve been recognized as Microsoft Gold Partner!

The main difference between the Silver and Gold types of partnership lies in the number of requirements and credentials to approve a company’s competency.

Since this is the highest level of partnership with Microsoft, an organization has to possess an even higher set of skills in a specific area or technology. Moreover, providing innovative solutions to your clients is what’s valued if you’re going for the gold.

During the rigorous process of certification, partners have to ensure their proficiency, responsibility, and experience. This means that the company:

  • constantly updates their tech stack to keep up with all the changes;
  • has a certain number of certified staff members and maintains the professional growth of their team;
  • has access to advanced support, hence, all the issues get resolved faster;
  • gets an opportunity to test their products and get feedback from the customers before buying a license, which leads to higher client satisfaction.

Microsoft Gold Certification is a recognition of our commitment to the customers as well as to the team. In Agiliway, we strive for improvement in all areas of your operations. Getting Gold competence is another milestone in showing our clients the level of expertise and customer service.