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Agiliway Provided Ukrainian Hospitals With The Needed Equipment


Ukrainian hospitals got some needed and necessary supplies as support from Agiliway team. Once COVID-19 gained pandemic status, we realized it was the time for decisive actionsAfter Agiliway switched to remote workwe established a fund to support doctors in their difficult fight against the disease. AlsoAgiliway provided all employees and their families with the possibility to be tested for COVID-19 if necessary. 

Agiliway allocated to the fund more about UAH 70K. At the same time, our employees also joined the initiative as volunteers and donated some part of their monthly earnings to the established fund. As a result, together we managed to raise over UAH 120K for the purchase of the most necessary things for Ukrainian hospitals. 

Thanks to the initiative we were able to buy the most needed things to help hospitals in their daily fight with the COVID-19. We bought pulse oximeters, intubation kits, protective masks and screens, respirators, etc. These supplies were distributed between three hospitals in two cities – in Lviv and Chernivtsi, where the company’s offices are located. ILviv, helping kits were sent to doctors at a 5th city clinical hospital. In Chernivtsi, we sent it to Khotyn Central District Hospital and District Hospital in Vashkivets. 


We thank all Agiliway team for contributing to the fund for fighting COVID-19! We try to do our best to fight the pandemic as effectively as possible, as we’re all in this together. You can read more detail about how Ukraine IT industry is fighting against the pandemic in this article.