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Company News: Agiliway Celebrates its Anniversary

This week is the beginning of sunny August and Agiliway is celebrating its anniversary. It already has been a year that we served as an US-Ukrainian software development outsourcing company. We thank our clients for who we are striving to do our best and our employees for their contribution to our lasting success.

Celebrate victories should be an integral part of company’s culture. Agiliway has great achievements every day. We consider the Company day to be another victory and motivation to reach more and increase our team.

This year was a real success. We’ve established strong presence in US and Europe and we are increasing our existence henceforth.

Sergiy Korniyenko, COO of AgiliwaySergiy Korniyenko, the COO of Agiliway company discoursed about new gains and work directions:

“Agiliway has recommended itself as a reliable partner. Many of our current clients addressed us on the recommendations of our previous ones – that’s the proof of Agiliway’s stability and a high quality work. We’ve also extended the range of provided services – so now it’s not only software development, but also consulting. We help our partners to make IT outsourcing to Eastern Europe less costly and more efficient by providing them with useful issues through consulting service. One more direction of work that we are now providing is BPO offering organizations the services helping to manage supplementary tasks like: data entry; social media management; web research; web-site administration and content management; search engine optimization; administrative support and much more to let our partners pay attention to their core assets.”

Bohdan Dmytryshyn, the Agiliway CTO

Bohdan Dmytryshyn, the Agiliway CTO also commented about company year’s achievements:

“It was a cool year! We’ve significantly improved our software development skills and capability as well as developed new technologies like TYPO3. Currently Agiliway completely covers web-development with PHP stack, including Magento, Drupal, TYPO3, WordPress, Symphony and definitely, we continue maintaining mainstream technologies – like – Java, BI and BigData, Mobile development and quality control.”

Ihor Pasemko, Business Development and Delivery Manager

Ihor Pasemko, Business Development and Delivery Manager announced that he is satisfied with the way our clients are being served:

“We are much faster and flexible in decision making that gives us some advantages when taking into account other software development outsourcing providers in Ukraine.”

During his 20+ years experience in IT outsourcing industry, Ihor met lot of companies which makes him a real connoisseur of this sphere, so he is definitely sure about Agiliway’s preferences.

“We have managed to gather really cool team of software engineers and BPO specialists in our Lviv office.” – Ihor continues – “Though all members of Agiliway team are smart they are very hard-working and striving for improving their skills more”

The backbone of Agiliway team relationship is team building. Without any exaggeration our members feel themselves at home when in office. They love to spend time together, be that working or off-hours time. The most popular game among our sport guys is football. They have even been nominated by our HR with special certificate for the active way of life within the company.

Team nomination


Team nomination

But not only sport has been appreciated. Most prominent members were also nominated for their creativeness, persistence, liability, popularity and even for being funny (team that brings good mood to the company).

Based on team choice our celebration took place at the entertainment and recreation complex near Lviv. All of us felt cheerful owing to the importance of the event and a good weather and got great memories. The entertainment program was full of activities: football, volleyball, big/small tennis, beach games and way more.

The time went so fast, which means so good! We were all excited about possibility to spend this day together, that was one more opportunity to strengthen our team relations.

Agiliway is proud to announce that the Company Day was great and inspired us on new accomplishments. We continue growing, improving skills and expanding!

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