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Healthcare/Fintech Industry: Multi-Platform Clojure Solution

The new reality of nowadays has changed all of us dramatically. It is still changing everything: starting with the overall environment and ending with our treatment of the doctors who bear the main brunt of the pandemic. Our gratitude and respect are to be not in words only but also in deeds; it should also consider the financial side of things, as the immense bureaucracy stifles the progress and is rather wasteful.

One of our clients turned to Agiliway searching for the best solution to optimize current medical system by making its easier, clearer, faster and thus less time-consuming. The product’s aim is wide in scope: to solve the problem across domains and markets. Simultaneously, the transparency of medical services process and employer-to-employee services delivery is to be provided as well.




The development, product and design teams closely participate on the requirements elaboration and finalizing. The main requirements of the customer have been to allow highly efficient, simplified and faster payments among the patients, employers and providers with self-funded healthcare plans. The primary intention of the project is to enable employers to achieve the best possible value for the services while agreeing to pay the provider almost instantly.

It is well worth mentioning, that product development has passed the phase of active Frontend services development and experimenting with various payment and checking solutions. The current stage of the product development consists of the multi-platform solution implementation with agreed on stack of third-party services and integrations into the release direction. The client serves as a mediator between healthcare institutions and employers’ medical services payments (through various insurance policies of various insurance companies).

Usually, it takes rather a long period to make a payment for medical services. Consequently, we witness money devaluation, confidence and motivation decrease. So, the main task chased is time reduction and transparency (making it possible for a financial transaction for the services rendered to be made up to one month or even earlier).





It should be mentioned that there is engaged a good number of teams, which maintain multilateral and highly active communication. In its turn, the product strategy is highly complicated with the discussion of requirements being challenging: it requires a lot of technical and domain expert dialogues to figure out the most effective solution for the product. So, there is always a tight bond between software and product teams to realize the vision offered.

Hence, working across teams of international product development as well as working on a new disruptive healthcare/fintech solution, which has no analogy in the target market, is the biggest but also the most interesting challenge ever.




To turn the scalable plans mentioned into reality, in Agiliway, we provide full-stack application development and integration with other technology layers.

The application consists of the mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms built with Clojure and Closure script accordingly. Both mobile and web applications are meant as multiple administrative portals to be used by the representatives of the employers, medical institutions, internal admins and a call center to support all the sides interested.


Healthcare soft


For the Back-end platform development, we have chosen to use Clojure aiming at creating a robust, scalable and easy configuration developing platform together with a capability of easy creation of ‘live’ applications.

Web Front-end is built with ReactClojureScript. Web front end development with React and Clojure script is highly functional, easy and fun. Together with Re-frame/Reagent, it serves to manage the application state as a Reactive front-end framework that adds greatly to structure the application’s working out and maintaining processes.

Mobile Front-end (both for iOS and Android) is built with ClojureScript and React Native and used for:

  • adding patients/employees;
  • viewing/receiving payments;
  • getting notifications;
  • payments/services statistics viewing, etc.

Besides, our engineering team has been providing certain services development such as search, notification, reporting, etc.:

Finally, for the project Infrastructure, we used AWS Terraform for hosting and infrastructure manipulations to tackle and deliver the application while, at the same time, creating the infrastructure safely and predictably.

What is more, Agiliway development team is in for using cutting-edge technologies, CI/CD practices as continuous integration and continuous deployment/delivery. The practice’s implementation is to be a time saver and quick doer at the same time.

To be even more professional, we also cooperate with several development teams (e.g. payment services; data science, analytics, and others) for effective and aligned integration process.


Healthcare app




Efficiently optimized financial operations, which make it possible for separate doctors/healthcare establishments to get the money paid for their services as quickly as possible through the healthcare system procedures being considerably simplified and enhanced, will definitely make a difference.

Thus, the Agiliway team works on multi-platform, multi-app solution for enabling the end-users’ easy and fast communication with the medical providers network, pay for services, visualize the reports on expenditures, etc. We enable experts to receive value for money and, vice versa, money for the value provided in a fast, secure and professional way.

The product is aiming to change the system of healthcare for patients, providers, and employers by delivering a clear and affordable healthcare experience for patients, paying Providers immediately (or near real-time) and eliminating the need for outsourced collections, reducing health insurance cost and unpredictability for Employers.


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