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Implementing the DevOps practices into the conversational AI solution service for Banking

Almost a decade ago the enthusiasts dreamed of bringing together the development and operations teams, therefore, destroy that wall that was separating them and played a pivotal role in wasting a lot of time at times where there should have been wasted practically none or very little. The ideas regarding the DevOps practices and how they should function are based on the agile methodology, where continuous iteration is the core of the development cycle. Every successful tech company understands how crucial communication and collaboration within the teams are and how beneficial that can become in the future.

Having multiple successful experiences with adopting the DevOps practices, Agiliway was addressed by our long-term partner who is providing conversational AI solutions to help them upgrade their existing system with DevOps since it has a lot to offer and enhance their AI-driven service to another level. After analyzing the system and discussing all the requirements from the client along with the suggestions from our engineers, the process took off.




Prior to considering DevOps adoption, there was a certain scope of issues the Agiliway development team has faced. Amidst the key ones that were addressed immediately were:

  • old-school platform functionality: all software was located on the “physical (bare-metal)” servers at the client’s side;
  • lack of system automation: all software for each new client added operated slowly, which was time-consuming and inefficient;
  • absence of Cloud Services.

Our specialists shared the problems with our client and discussed all the potential steps that shall be considered and implemented to successfully utilize the DevOps tools.

The Agiliway DevOps engineers were challenged to bring the platform to a brand-new level, automate almost all the processes, hence, create a technologically advanced environment that brings together the two parts; development and IT operations.




Changes that organizations are facing today are triggered by the rapid development of technologies. It is important to come up with not a simple solution but with a strategic solution that will help an enterprise to undergo these changes smoothly without any drastic problems. Applying strategic thinking to cover the needs of our clients was our key goal in the solution search process.

The following steps were taken to upgrade the platform and make it better, more efficient and productive:

  • The first and utmost important step to improve scalability and migration processes.
  • All the servers were located at our client’s offices, which was challenging in terms of operations, hence, it was agreed to start utilizing Cloud Services, AWS and Azure to boost the performance of the platform.
  • Since Terraform allows creating, modifying and enhancing the infrastructure using the code, it was a suitable option to put it into the role of a mediator between managing the external resources with the internal ones. Terraform is an effective tool for running even the entire datacenters using the configuration files.
  • Bringing together all the aforementioned components allowed to make all the processes automated, save a lot of time and resources, create a more efficient and productive environment, upgrade the entire system to the extent that it required a very minimum of manual intervention, and more.




Adoption of DevOps today is viewed as a must-have for any software development services providers as well as their partners as this is a fast-growing and distributing tech trend that is expected to stay with us for a while. Creating and implementing the best practices will improve the development and deployment process of an enterprise, reduce the time for changes to be introduced, simplify the update process for an application, however, still keep it secure and protected.

After performing the transition to DevOps for our client with the 4 steps the platform’s operations capacity completely transformed, the time spent on the customer’s integration into the system got reduced, its performance boosted, scalability and migration processes got improved.

Agiliway DevOps experts are always ready to discuss with you any issues regarding your development and IT operations. Contact us to book a conversation with your DevOps guru.


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