Agiliway is a member of the IT Ukraine Association, the largest IT Community in Ukraine

Agiliway - IT Ukraine Association

Being part of the tech community of Ukraine is a significant component of business success. Hence why Agiliway became a member of the IT Ukraine Association, the largest national tech association, to help promote the brand of Ukraine and show our international partners that Ukraine is one of the leading tech hubs in the world.

The Association aims at building strong relationships between the industry, governmental institutions, and international partners, hence, ensuring the IT sector’s sustainable development.

Among the key advantages of becoming a member of the Association are legal and PR support of member companies, implementation of social projects and educational programs, organization of events to share the experience of the partners within the organization, and more.

What are the values of the Association?

The Association promotes a scope of values that help partners become strong and reputable international players.

  • Development and Innovation are the core driver of success since following the latest technological advancements attract new clients and promotes Ukraine’s brand.
  • Transparency and Openness help build a strong foundation for future relationships among the Association’s partners.
  • Mutual Respect and Equality are ensured by creating equal opportunities for all partners regardless of the company’s size.
  • Teamwork is a vital aspect of promoting Ukraine’s tech industry as we are stronger when united.

The Association is managed by reputable representatives of Ukraine’s IT industry, whose main goal is growing the tech sector and creating new opportunities for both local business representatives and their clients.