Agiliway has joined Chernivtsi IT Cluster

Chernivtsi IT Cluster Agiliway

Our team constantly supports initiatives and organizations that help promote Ukraine as one of the global tech hubs. With a company branch in Chernivtsi, Agiliway joins Chernivtsi IT Cluster as we share similar values and goals the association promotes: growing the local IT industry, popularizing IT education, and supporting younger companies on their way to success.

What are the benefits of partnering with Chernivtsi IT Cluster?

Chernivtsi IT Cluster partners with local authorities and educational institutions to create favorable conditions for becoming one of the leading tech hubs in Ukraine. Additionally, the Cluster collaborates with other local and national tech communities, which multiple benefits to its members:

  • Participation in events organized by the Cluster.
  • Collaboration with local authorities and organizations to build a better business environment in the region.
  • Access to the most recent industry news
  • Simpler hiring process as member companies get to promote their opened positions on Cluster’s social media platforms.

Chernivtsi IT Cluster takes pride in paying particular attention to the promotion of the IT industry among the youth. The organization partnered with the Chernivtsi National University to provide more opportunities for young people who are looking for their first job, offer grants to the most prominent and active students, and participate in product launches and different initiatives.

By partnering with the Cluster, Agiliway became a part of the community united by the idea of growing the IT industry of Ukraine together. With our experience, we have a lot to bring to the table and are happy to join the community of motivated and result-driven professionals.