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Hi there. How are you doing? Summer mood? Catch our May technology review: time passes so quickly and the hottest season is on the threshold. While making this monthly overview, we would like to embark on a positive start that has nothing in common with the crisis and gives us solid confidence in the near future.

Omilia raises $20M to use conversational AI for customer support

The financial backing was granted to Omilia by Grafton Capital as a reward for the company’s progress and development in the sphere of voice response technology.

Omilia’s team managed to create a conversational AI for customer support. The so-called ‘technological breakthrough’ served to the fact that those hating interactive voice response technology got a brilliant possibility to enjoy a customer-centric solution by Omilia. “Our mission was to evolve and adapt the technology so that users don’t have to”, – Omilia co-founder Dimitris Vassos states. The platform developed is called DiaManT and is all about a customer support VA that makes use of machine learning. Subsequently, DiaManT is applicable to a variety of platforms, adapted to many languages and local dialects; is fabulously flexible and easily tailored for new tasks, challenges and spheres.

 Impressive? There is no wonder Omilia has got considerable financing for its omni-channel platform further growth.

READ MORE: https://techcrunch.com/2020/05/04/omilia/

Microsoft’s Family Safety app: How to get the preview and protect your kids online

We live in the era of digital technologies. Every single day they are ‘creeping’ inside our private space faster and faster. Besides adults, modern children turn out to find themselves under the latest tech innovations influence as well. Sitting in front of the computer monitor or screen of a mobile has become an ordinary thing in the daily regime of our kids. A big number of threats and serious dangers are hiding behind the online activities though. How to control our offsprings and prevent them from being seriously psychologically injured by the net services on the market presently? Difficult? Impossible?

Microsoft has made the first steps to handle the issue and offers a preview of its Family safety App. The application is aimed at granting parents a certain dose of control through tracking when, where and how long their children used to surf the internet. What is more, adults are given the possibility to impose a number of restrictions concerning the ‘virtual’ life of their sons and daughters. The preview is going to be improved and considerably enhanced during the next months, while currently presented to the public as an experimental sample to gather feedback and useful recommendations of the users.

Are you positive about the app by MS? What are your expectations and predictions?

READ MORE: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/microsofts-family-safety-app-how-to-get-the-preview-and-protect-your-kids-online/?adTargeting_campaign=msfttagpage

Netatmo made a new outdoor camera with a siren to scare off intruders

To go on with the theme of safety and security, which is so popular in the 21st century, it would be essential to make you familiar with the outdoor camera with in-built siren by Netatmo. The model is an improved version of the company’s previous product. What is a new video camera presented so famous for?

A new smart security gadget has a powerful siren implemented. The siren signals about the privacy intrusion and can be activated manually through a Netatmo’s app on your mobile. What is more, certain space zones and areas can be chosen, no matter a garage, a terrace or a sleeping room. The updated security camera has the slightest motion alert capacity and can be adjusted to your personal needs and preferences easily and quickly. All the video recorded is saved on a local SD card and is supported both on a tablet and a mobile phone.

If you would like to get such a security gadget for yourself, be patient and wait till summer begins: the official updated camera model distribution campaign is announced to start in June.

READ MORE: https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/28/21273479/netatmo-outdoor-security-camera-siren-robbery-launch-price

Google Maps now lets you share your Plus Code location, no address needed

All of us have already got used to Google Maps app service and frequently use the navigation platform to clarify certain locations, follow routes, find some places, and so on. The only thing you need is the address information and the app being installed on the mobile.

But what to do if you have no idea where you are and, consequently, no coordinates are available? Google Maps application is adding a Plus Code location feature to its navigation service to make it even more useful, flexible and scalable. You have to either push a blue button on the map or tap and hold it to get a six-digit navigation code, which can be easily used by the one you choose.

The newly enhanced app is free and open source. It is due in a few weeks for Android only. The updated version is believed to be really needed to make our lives easier and more security oriented.

READ MORE: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-maps-now-lets-you-share-your-plus-code-location-no-address-needed/

Shopify partners with Facebook to launch Facebook Shops

“We’re bringing the tech industry together to help entrepreneurs succeed at a critical time.”

Shopify has announced joining forces with Facebook and Instagram to launch online storefronts inside the social networking platforms.

What for? To help a small retail business to survive the crisis through this e-commerce solution. 

How to use the retail space platform in two clicks?

  1. One can easily browse, choose and buy products and items on Facebook and Instagram;
  2. The checkout procedure is powered by Shopify itself.

The new channel installation has been initiated in the framework of Zuckerberg’s program oriented at companies moving online assistance and small businesses preparation for new future realities and perspective.

READ MORE: https://news.shopify.com/shopify-partners-with-facebook-to-help-businesses-launch-branded-facebook-shops

Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully

Finally, to summarize the May newsfeed, it sounds great to mention a long-awaited and challenging launch of a rocket called Falcon Heavy, which took place in Florida. Elon Musk, a US businessman and entrepreneur, is the owner of the shuttle that is believed to be one the most massive in the US cosmic history. Despite a number of risks and hesitations, the launch appeared to be a success and the rocket is due on the ‘red planet’ orbit soon. Congrats!

READ MORE: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-42969020

Thank You for being with Us. More interesting updates soon. Summer news promises to stand to Your expectations by all means.