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Meet Agiliway: a Microsoft Silver Partner

The last days of January 2020 have been hallmarked by Agiliway becoming Microsoft SilverPartner. This is an event long-awaited for, and a small step forward for our company; the one we are longing to share with you.

What does it mean to us?

Getting certified as Microsoft partner, has been one of our priority tasks to accomplish this year. It is a global recognition of our contribution to the development of modern technologies along with a kind of a pass to future progress and technical growth. What is more, becoming a part of the Microsoft team is a sign that here, in Agiliway, we can be proud of our high-quality engineers, scalable and reliable platforms, high tech projects and trustworthy clients from different corners of the world.

Without the latter, we would not be able to succeed. Our whole team is grateful to all the trust, belief and ongoing support we have felt on the way to our aim. There were plenty challenges, but we met them and appeared to win.

On being honored a Microsoft Silver status, Agiliway gets access to Microsoft top-notch products and services, free software licenses, together with a bunch of other bonuses and perks provided. We hope MS global community will see our cooperation as a mutually useful and right process with both sides to benefit from.

We have managed to overcome another step on our perspective development ladder, which is bound to make us even more professional, trustworthy and technically efficient in the vision of both our existing and prospective customers. Ongoing self- improvement, high ambitions and desire for perfection are going to accompany Agiliway on a permanent basis while gaining momentum in the future.