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Regulatory Decision-Making Solution for a Prominent Healthcare Provider

Navigating complex regulations with the decision-making solution in the healthcare industry is an important step for staying up-to-date and delivering the best possible care to patients with relevant regulations. Custom software development can automate repetitive tasks associated with regulatory research and decision-making, freeing up staff time for more critical activities. This leads to increased efficiency, a strong reputation, and cost savings.

Our client, one of the major European private hospital vendors, employing over 100,000 medical staff and serving about 10 million patients per year, was looking for a technical solution to create a unified decision-making process throughout the company.

As a business idea, the provider wanted to let the people who worked in its intensive care hospitals, treatment centers, and prevention clinics make and decide on ideas for how to improve the material infrastructure. Completing the task, Agiliway designed and integrated a secure and efficient regulation adoption system into the TYPO3 platform of the primary operator.

Regulation Adoption System Challenges:

  • Automating all regulation nuances for smooth processing;
  • Optimizing integration with TYPO3 and resolving performance issues;
  • Mirroring the hospital’s complex structure for efficient implementation;
  • Implementing granular access controls with user credentials and geolocation;
  • Analyzing logs to proactively address system needs;
  • Monitoring automatic regulation status changes for potential roadblocks.

Healthcare Regulation Adoption System Solutions:

  • Granular User Roles: Multiple user roles with specific actions (e.g., only higher management can approve/edit). Users also define voting rights for their suggested regulations.
  • Scalable Regulation Types: Employees can propose regulations impacting their department or the entire network based on their position.
  • Automated Workflows: Conditional logic defines how regulations progress (e.g., reviewer confirmation needed for voting; automatic voting completion at 80% participation).
  • Version Tracking: The system tracks regulation versions, allowing for review of changes made by authorized users.

TYPO3 healthcare solution

Agiliway has created a complex system for adopting TYPO3 regulations and has connected it with the main platform used by millions of users. The system has well-thought-out features and stringent access controls that enable the implementation of intricate logic for adopting regulations that facilitate the proposal, revision, and voting of regulations of a vast network of hospital facilities.

The enacted decisions are thoroughly deliberated and endorsed by the majority of stakeholders, as guaranteed by the system. This enables the hospital operator to respond efficiently to demands while investing exclusively in investments that are firmly established.

Don’t let regulatory complexity hinder your ability to deliver exceptional patient care. Contact Agiliway today to discuss how we can help you build a custom solution that meets your specific needs. Together, let’s revolutionize healthcare efficiency.

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