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Top Tech Stories of April 2023

Welcome back to our tech news rubric. We discovered the most exciting news for you in April. AI technologies updates and new developments, brand detectors against phishing attacks, digitalization of documents, and other news you can find in this article. Let’s start.

Opera One: A New AI-Powered Browser

Since AI technologies have been at the center of public attention, we’ll start with them. Opera One is a new browser based on AI algorithms. The main aim of this development is to replace Opera’s existing browser. But the development stays in process, as noted.

What is interesting about the browser? Its main function is that a person can press a special button to reduce large volumes of text. Opera One is the first Chromium-based browser to use a multi-threaded composer for the interface. It is also the first browser to include a new feature called Tab Islands.

According to the Ghacks, Opera One will also change based on what the user is doing or looking at in the browser. This means that it will adapt to the user’s needs in real time. The main idea is a flexible interface that gets rid of features that aren’t needed, making it easier to use and less crowded.

bing ai

Microsoft Bing Chatbot’s Improved Capabilities with User Feedback Integration

The next among April advances in AI is Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, which became smarter with new improvements. Significant enhancements have been made to the chatbot’s arithmetic and new capabilities, as well as the elimination of some of the more annoying errors that users may encounter.

Those significant improvements were made to fix the problems that cause Bing to end conversations too soon or have a glitch. Where the AI fails to reply should go a long way toward making the entire experience with the chatbot more enjoyable. The other essential component for improving Bing AI is informing Microsoft of any issues and dislikes regarding chatbot interactions.

Challenges with the Gradient Descent Algorithm

Having analyzed new technologies and updates using AI, we will look deeper into algorithms. According to new research by Oxford and Liverpool universities, the widely-used optimization algorithm, gradient descent, has been found to struggle with a fundamentally difficult computational problem.

Gradient descent searches for the function’s local minimum by searching for the direction of the steepest ascent at a given location and then searching downhill away from it. It calculates everything from the most profitable way to manufacture a product to the best way to assign shifts to workers. By knowing which situations, the algorithm struggles with the most, researchers can improve their methods and potentially develop new approaches that better suit their needs.

Additionally, the study contributes to the broader field of computational complexity theory. It helps classify certain computational problems into different classes based on their fundamental computational characteristics, providing a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations of computer science.

Twitter Blue’s Impact on User Visibility and Account Verification

Haven’t heard from Twitter recently? It’s been a while since there was any news from them. After Twitter’s new paid subscription service, Twitter Blue came out, people started to worry about the social media site’s future. It is said that Twitter users who pay for accounts will be more visible on the site.

This has made people worry about fake accounts and who will get their accounts checked. People also say that Twitter’s approval process is unfair because it is not the same for everyone. Celebrities and news organizations are leaving the site. The BBC, for example, has lost the “gold check” that proved it was a news organization.


Digitalization of Documents With Government’s e-Courts Project

Let’s move on to the next discussions. Documentation is finally starting to be digitalized, and this is very gratifying. The government plans to digitize over 3,100 crore documents, including legacy records and pending cases, for Rs. 2038.40 crores in phase III of the e-Courts project.

The scheme, announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her latest Budget speech, has a timeline of four years and aims to make the judicial system more accessible, efficient, and equitable. The project also includes setting up 1,530 solar facilities to ensure the seamless availability of information communication infrastructure. The Department of Justice in the Union Law Ministry is coordinating the implementation of the project.

Akamai’s Solution for Detecting and Disrupting Phishing Websites

The following news will come in handy. The solution that will help you say no to fraud. Brand Protector, a solution designed to detect and disrupt fraud sites, phony stores, and brand impersonation, is now available from Akamai Technologies. Brand Protector provides a four-step strategy to combat the rise of phishing websites and fraudulent impersonations: intelligence, detection, visibility, and mitigation.

Brand Protector provides businesses with protection against revenue loss and increased risk by detecting brand abuse before an attack campaign is launched. The solution features a customer-centric design and integrated termination services to combat brand fraud. Akamai Technologies is a cloud-based organization that powers and safeguards online existence.


Quantum Computing Startup QUANTier Receives Joint Investment from ParticleX and HKUST

And the last news is no less interesting than the others. ParticleX and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Entrepreneurship Fund are collaborating to invest in QUANTier, a quantum computing startup that specializes in the construction of quantum processing units using atoms to provide cloud computing services.

Their technology employs laser light to control the movement of atoms, allowing for an infrastructure for quantum computers to operate at ambient temperature. The fact that QUANTier prioritizes quality over speed when it comes to qubits makes their approach unique in the industry. The joint investment supports Hong Kong’s innovation and technology ecosystem and the initiatives enumerated in the financial secretary’s 2023-24 budget speech.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of April’s tech news and that you’ve found out something new. If this information interests you, please subscribe to our newsletter for new articles.


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