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Automated GPS Fleet Monitoring System

Fleet tracking requires a great deal of technology to accurately track the activity of vehicles, employees, and equipment. That’s why a management system that uses GPS is the solution for this niche. A vehicle fleet is usually a collection of ground assets such as cars, trucks, field workers, and equipment (with and without electric drive, such as trailers).

Fleet tracking uses telematics technology to collect data from the fleet. This data is usually collected in near real-time (active), so it is more useful for fleet managers who use it to make strategic decisions about operations (which vehicle to send to a new job, where the nearest crane is, how many generators are in the yard, whether the only employee has returned from work).

The article will be useful for those interested in management systems for their business. We share the background of the project, the tasks, and the challenges the team faced. And how this solution helped the client improve all management processes.

Background and Challenges Pertaining to the GPS Tracking Solution

Our client is one of the top GPS tracking system providers. In particular, the client offers a full range of services, from putting GPS trackers on cars to setting up and maintaining the web application for the GPS tracking system.

The client told Agiliway that the GPS tracking system had a lot of problems because it was built on old technology. Customers of the company were upset about it.

  • low speed of the program and potential performance breaks;
  • cars routes overlapped, making it hard to tell them apart, and the system didn’t work well for the clients;
  • users couldn’t use the system on their mobile devices, which caused them a lot of trouble since most of them were out of the office 90% of the time;
  • the company couldn’t add new features to the old system, so it couldn’t meet clients’ growing wants and demands.

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Provided Vehicle Fleet Management Solution

To meet the client’s requirements, Agiliway suggested rewriting the system using React. Although this was a significant undertaking, it enhanced the efficacy and functionality of the tracking system. Specifically, the benefits of the offered solution include:

Applying ReactJS

  • Enhanced efficiency. The performance enhancement is due to the fact that React does not require updating the entire page when the information for a single component is modified. Having encapsulated components that manage their own state, React generates and synchronizes minimal lists of updates, thereby accelerating the result’s presentation. Utilization of React Redux has aided in effectively managing the retrieval of component states. Specifically, the system does not regularly retrieve all available information for all vehicles. Instead, React enables the retrieval of specific data when the user makes a corresponding request.
  • Enhanced visualization of multiple vehicles on a single map. Clustering of React Native maps has resolved visual issues for users tracking multiple vehicles. Specifically, React Native map clustering enables the consolidation of all monitored objects in a region, so that the map displays only their number. By enlarging the map, the user can pinpoint the precise location of the vehicle.
  • Real-time monitoring. We have incorporated the option to monitor a vehicle’s location in real time. This is achieved with the assistance of the ng-web interface, which transmits pertinent data to the user so that React can plot the vehicle’s route on the map and display it in a form that is visually appealing for the user.
  • Notifications. We have developed a comprehensive system of notifications, which has expanded the system’s capabilities and made dispatchers’ jobs easier. Specifically, the system compares the information it receives to the predetermined rules and conditions and issues alerts when they are violated, such as when the vehicle is accelerating, has deviated from the route it should be following, or has crossed the borders of the geozone designated for its operation.
  • Mobile Apparatus. Rewriting the system in React made it possible to create a mobile application for it using React Native. Consequently, the developed mobile application is distinguished by its sophisticated functionality, excellent performance, and swiftness.

How Did the Solution Help the Client Improve the Vehicle Fleet Management System?

By developing a GPS tracking system using React and designing a React Native mobile application for it, Agiliway has significantly transformed the operational efficiency of the system and enhanced the overall performance of the client’s company. The system’s new features and consistent performance enable efficient monitoring of cars and routes, hence enhancing the productivity of logistics professionals. Furthermore, the accessibility of mobile applications and real-time alerts affords automobile owners a greater degree of autonomy over their automobiles, liberating them from the confines of computer displays.

By capitalizing on the most recent advancements in the information technology sector and offering a fast and intuitive solution, the organization is able to cater to a large number of end customers and consistently increase its financial gains.

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