Corporate Processes Management 02 | 12 | 2022

Building a Solution for Corporate Processes Management

Modern solutions for corporate process management require an advanced approach to them. Organizations worldwide demand simple yet rich-in-functionality systems to run their operations smoothly and effectively.

The Agiliway team was connected to help enhance the web and iOS versions of the system to improve the internal processes of the client’s business: one of the leading providers of solar panels and security systems for smart homes. The company brings together hundreds of suppliers from all over the US. And they were looking for a solution that would simplify their internal processes, store the company’s data regarding the employees, payments, checks, etc., and assign roles (i.e., managers, recruiters).

Process management solution

Getting down to the project, the development team had to focus on improving the operating capacity of the system and adding the functionality that our client needed. In addition, the system existed in the production without the testing environment where the new features could be tested. Therefore, the initial scope of tasks outlined by the client included maintenance, improvement of the overall performance, code refactoring, adding CI/CD process, improving approach toward testing and production, and enhancing the development process by adding a testing environment.

Corporate Processes Management Software: What Was Implemented

The key solutions the Agiliway team implemented in the system were

  • The transition from Groovy to Spring Boot for new API, since the latter made the system more flexible to changes and fixes.
  • Creating a testing environment. This step allows new changes without disrupting the entire system (testing environment, deployment process automation, connecting additional services for project performance control as well as the state of servers
  • The frontend development team performed code refactoring. With the help of up-to-date Angular libraries the overall functionality was enhanced in terms of front-end and its maintainability.

Among the third-party tools and systems used in the product are

  • Cognito service by Amazon for two-factor authorization and authentication of users.
  • Salesforce for processing payments in the system, and the backend connects to Salesforce and retrieves data from it.
  • AWS storages

Since our clients utilize the system in multiple operations within the team as well as with their customers’ and partners’ approach to storing data, payments, etc., the value of the system is immense. It allows tracking sales, team performance, statistics, etc.

The technologies stack

  • Backend: Java, Spring Boot
  • Frontend: Angular for Admin panel
  • iOS: Swift
  • Platforms: Web and Mobile (iOS)


The improvements the Agiliway team introduced to the client added automation to the system, therefore, there is no need to check all the data manually. Connecting multiple services now saves much time and effort and creates space for focusing more on business growth. The setting and UI now are more user-friendly and do not require assistance from the tech team all the time. Following this, the system also gained more active users as the improvements turned out to be a success. Today there are over 1 thousand active users in the iOS application, which is a great result.

The Agiliway expertise in Java and Swift let our client improve their system to become more flexible, and easy to maintain and use, thus leading to satisfied users and a well-organized operating process.


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