AI technology trends 19 | 07 | 2022

How utilizing Artificial Intelligence is shaping helpful technologies and discoveries

Implementing AI has a lot of scope of variety. From year to year, artificial intelligence is applied to our everyday life more and more deeply: from research laboratories to our homes and electronics. Actually, it gives us numerous opportunities.

Let’s make an observation on the latest AI trends that are expanding our productivity and quality of life.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants becoming a part of our everyday reality. Such programs have a naturally evolving personality that eventually resembles that of their owner.

Smart home devices

A system of smart home devices is solving everyday tasks without human participation. All electrical appliances in the building are functionally interconnected and can be controlled centrally – from the display panel.

Healthcare devices

Telemedicine is a complex of actions, technologies, and measures used during the provision of medical care using remote communication tools for information exchange. In addition, the telemedicine direction includes digital education of doctors and patients, medical information services, and self-service through digital communication technologies.

Self-driving cars

A self-driving automobile, often referred to as autonomous or a driverless car, uses sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence to navigate between locations without the aid of a human driver (AI).


Drones have shown to be extremely useful in the military and surveillance sectors, but they have also begun to assist the ordinary consumer.

AI is transforming our daily activities and making us better and more productive. It is ultimately up to us as individuals to determine how humanity will advance; responsibility always rests with the individual.


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