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November Tech News Overview

In the recent news releases, we’ve talked about how large corporations take steps towards technological breakthroughs. The revolution is inevitable, and therefore this article will be a continuation of the story about the changes in the IT field.

Meta and Microsoft have Become Closer Together: Why did They Merge, What are Their New Integrations, and When will They be Released

Two longtime competitors decided to unite to make their mutual clients’ work easier and bridge the silos within organizations. Integration concerns Microsoft Workstream and Workplace tools. The Workplace app will be pinned for Teams on its side navigation bar or added a tab to provide access to the Workplace newsfeed within the app.

Interestingly enough, co-workers will see important information in the group and pull content from a Workplace into a Teams’ channel. It also will be possible to react to Workplace messages directly from Teams.

Meta and Microsoft have Become Closer Together

Some features may be launched in early 2022. For example, the Teams stream video calls directly from the Workplace. That will allow users to engage in a conversation while tracking reactions from both apps.

Some customers, such as Vodafone and Flight Center, have already tested the integration. So far, its main drawback is the overlap between their respective chat functions, which leads to confusion. However, this step makes sense as it helps push information from the Workplace to users where they tend to spend the bulk of their time.

Public Preview of Amazon Linux 2022 (AL2022)

Amazon Linux is very popular among users due to its lack of license costs, five-year support, and tight integration with AWS tools. So far, AL2022 has two earlier distributions, released in 2017 and 2010.

AL2022 is partly based on the current Fedora source distribution and has a Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) kernel security module. That will provide users with a wide range of up-to-date software and a decent level of security. Major versions of Amazon Linux will include performance improvements across the stack, including the kernel, toolchain, Glibc, OpenSSL, and all other system libraries and utilities. You should also expect updates for packages in the repository.

Public Preview of Amazon Linux 2022

The preliminary version of the release is already accessible in all commercial regions. Like the previous two, it is free. You can run AL2022 utilizing the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, Windows PowerShell, or AWS CloudFormation.

Let us remind you that each release consists of 2 phases: active development, which can last about two years, and maintenance – 3 years.

Ecommerce Giant’s Alibaba Group Profit Falls 81% In Last Quarter

Oddly enough, but the corporation blames the Communist Party for a significant drop in profits. From July to September this year, the profit amounted to 5.27 billion, which is five times less than last year. In addition, the company’s main competitor,, also announced that things are bad – it had a significant loss of 2.8 billion yuan.

It’s hard to argue that China has previously relied on the trade sector, as modern tech giants have helped drive digital transformation. But in light of recent events, when privacy issues and monopolistic practices have become too acute, Alibaba was the first to experience the Party’s wrath.

Ecommerce Giant’s Alibaba Group Profit Falls 81% In Last Quarter (2)

Recall that in April, the government fined the corporation $ 2.78 billion for anti-competitive practices. That led to losses and a decrease in the price of the company’s shares.

By the way, Black Friday 2021 differed from the previous ones: it had become noticeably more restrained. It did not contain any aggressive advertising about upcoming promotions, which will significantly mitigate widespread consumerism and is a very green step towards the platform’s sustainability.

Ericsson decided to expand and acquire US cloud-based communications provider Vonage

That is the first significant acquisition of the Swedish company Ericsson, seeking to expand its business. The deal cost the company $ 6.2 billion and was unanimously approved by Vonage’s board of directors. It should be completed by the first half of 2022.

Vonage has been on the market for 20 years. Its core business is IP voice telephony and a cloud-based communications platform that handles 25 billion minutes and messages a year.

Ericsson decided to expand and acquire US cloud-based communications provider Vonage

Ericsson predicts that the market value of services such as voice, messaging, and video will skyrocket by 2025. Nevertheless, already during the first trading day, its shares were down by 3.5 percent.

As a reminder, the company also made a purchase last year. It acquired Cradlepoint, which specializes in wireless WAN solutions.

Walmart invested in real-time shopping on Twitter

To fully immerse in the Walmart products, the user will only have to visit Twitter. It is the first brand ever that incorporates innovative practices into its marketing campaign.

In July, Twitter introduced a new option to showcase goods directly on the users’ profiles. The platform invited several pilot partners to test the functionality to understand the demand for purchases, including GameStop and Arden Cove.

Walmart has already scheduled over 30 live streams on eight platforms. That means that during the holidays people will buy even more. Strange, but in this situation, there is a striking contrast between doing business the American way and the concepts of China’s market economy.

Walmart invested in real-time shopping on Twitter

So the broadcasts will look like this: a live broadcast will stream at the top of a Live Event page followed by a Shoppable Banner and Shop Tab. That will allow potential buyers to switch between tabs and pre-evaluate the offered products. Conveniently!

Recall that this year Walmart also settled on such well-known platforms as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Meta. Events proved to be successful: for example, TikTok broadcasts received seven times more views than expected.

The Bottom Line

Every company or corporation wants to increase its authority in the market while monopolizing its services. This tactic is not to the Chinese Party’s liking. Still, it is entirely acceptable in America and Europe. Expanding influence, the path to sustainability, striving for breakthroughs, and increasing assets create a competitive environment in the technology market. So, let’s see how things will stand further. Follow our blog, and don’t miss the breaking news in our compilation!


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