electricity supply management solution 22 | 01 | 2024

Optimizing Electricity Supply Management with IoT-Powered Solution

Staying competitive and in demand in the market today requires a lot of effort. Implementing new technologies and keeping up to date with them will allow businesses to reach a new level, which is what the Agiliway client requires.

The customer, a prominent leader in the field of electrical and building infrastructure on a worldwide scale, was inspired to initiate an IoT project and create intelligent interconnected goods. The IoT scenario involves the development of an automated system that enables facility managers to remotely operate a wide range of electrical supply equipment from different locations.

Recognizing the demand for such solutions, the company approached Agiliway to develop a stable, reliable, and scalable IoT-based facility management system. This system would streamline the configuration and management of both internal and external electricity supply devices, while also facilitating device identification and pre-configuration for public buildings and offices. Further expanding on this initial IoT scenario, the company developed an Android and iOS app-based smart motion system for sharing data with movement sensors on parking meters.

Electricity Supply management solution


  • Managing and tracking numerous electricity supply devices.
  • Identifying weak points in the system’s functionality.
  • Managing all items from one device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Ensuring easy access to the entire system.
  • Integrating with various operating systems like iOS, Android, and UWP.
  • Maintaining a stable and reliable connection for constant changes and feature implementation.
  • Tracking Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.
  • Identifying and displaying sensors only, filtering out extraneous devices.
  • Establishing a secure connection and authentication with the sensor.
  • Reading and writing parameters to the sensor.
  • Updating firmware in the device.


  • Developed a WinForms application with strong connectivity and unique identifiers, enabling efficient cloud storage tracking.
  • Extracted required functionality from the application to automate the execution of console commands and enhance system efficiency.
  • Created a mobile version of the mini system with limited functionality to provide simplified administration.
  • Allowed network identification of wireless and hybrid devices that facilitate seamless and accessible system entry.
  • Selected Xamarin Bluetooth library for cross-platform development offers compatibility with multiple OSs.
  • Enabled automated data flow via a network to facilitate uninterrupted system improvements.
  • Implemented the Xamarin Bluetooth library to effectively track BLE devices.
  • Utilized Xamarin’s flexibility to build tailored UIs, ensuring precise sensor identification.
  • Employed the Prism library for navigation and process handling, enhancing security measures.
  • Extracted required functionality from the application to automate commands, enabling efficient parameter manipulation.
  • Leveraged Xamarin’s scalability for future-proof updates, ensuring the system’s software remains up to date.

Agiliway developed an IoT-based automation system for the global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The project was built on the Xamarin framework in #C and it provides many advantages such as flexibility, cross-platform combinability, and simplicity.

The intelligent motion application for iOS and Android provides comprehensive system information, mobile device remote control, a responsive user interface, preconfigured components, and support for multiple devices. With a flexible, scalable, and secure system, the client showcased a strong presence in the IoT market, leading to sustained revenue growth.

Want to optimize your electricity supply management with IoT-powered solutions? Contact Agiliway today and experience the transformative power of technology!

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