AI in presentation creation 04 | 01 | 2024

Revolutionizing Presentations with an AI-Powered Platform

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business operations, the integration of AI solutions has become not just a trend but a necessity. Companies across various industries are eagerly adopting the latest technologies to enhance their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Our client decided to create a platform for creating online presentations and play them using an AI-based agent. The goal of the project is to boost sales by automating the presentation preparation process and communication with potential clients. Businesses have products and want to promote them. And the solution allows them to do it in more elaborate ways. The presentation can be scheduled, and AI presents the slides and answers the viewers’ questions.

Embracing the Power of AI in Presentation Creation

The driving force behind this project is to revolutionize the sales process by automating presentation preparation and communication with potential clients. Businesses, irrespective of their domain, seek effective ways to showcase their products, and this AI-powered platform enables them to do so more elaborately and automated manner. The platform allows scheduling presentations, where an AI agent presents slides and responds to viewers’ questions.

The creation of this product involved overcoming several challenges. As users engage with the platform, they access the Admin panel to generate presentation content. The Agiliway development team took on a comprehensive set of tasks, including

  • Building the entire project architecture: backend, frontend, and mobile apps
  • Implementing AWS infrastructure to host solution services
  • Developing complex presentation and presentation script editors, custom audio and video players
  • Establishing real-time communication between presenter and listeners including video and audio
  • Development of a bot that connects to a meeting and acts as a virtual presenter
  • Building analytics module to view presentation summary, etc.

AI-Driven Features to Elevate the Presentation Platform

The product consists of CMS, mobile application, and User client. The CMS allows:

  • designing and managing presentations using AI-generated content;
  • adding own pdf-files with the content and the platform automatically parses it into separate pages or slides of the presentation;
  • downloading videos from YouTube and parsing them into presentation slides;
  • editing slides with the help of a custom editor;
  • adding and/or removing slides using a video/photo/URL from the web, multimedia options that include additional texts to slides, audio (the presenter records the text, and then this audio can be played in the presentation;
  • choosing the language of the presentation, translating it from one language into another, voicing it over, selecting voice mood, etc.
  • working with the content generation apps (text part of the content) and D-ID service (for generating “talking faces”, i.e., users can add photos, hence, choose the face for delivering the presentation and add text). Then, with the help of API users put a face to the voice during their presentations.

The mobile application caters specifically to presenters, offering real-time creation, uploading, and management of presentations. Presenters can interact with the audience, switch slides, and address questions during the presentations.

The next important component of the platform is the User Client which serves as a web player for viewers to join presentations via a link.


AI-driven products today gain most of the attention in the tech world. Companies compete to create unique solutions that help embrace business potential in new and extravagant ways.

The goal of the solution is to boost sales and marketing campaigns, gain more leads, and therefore, grow business through interactive communication with the AI engine. Businesses can prepare their marketing materials to reach out to a wider audience and automate additional communication channels.

The main advantage of this product is that with the help of the AI-based solution you get to quickly build, edit, and deliver presentations in different languages depending on your target audience. The source for your presentation media content can be your files, YouTube, or any other source of available multimedia files. Moreover, the platform connects to multiple social media which allows one to send personalized invitations to presentations as well as view the analytics after the hosting party.

Since the solution comprises multiple added components, it has accelerated the time-to-market of a product and proof-of-concept creation.

If you need help with adopting smart solutions to elevate your business potential, contact Agiliway and our experts will consult you on what steps should be taken to reach the desired goals.

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