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Simplifying Advertising Management with Modern Digital Solution

Digital marketing companies often face the need to efficiently handle the workload process. Whether B2B or B2C, using smart software solutions is essential for increasing the effectiveness of corporate processes.

Automating laborious and time-consuming duties for marketers is one way that digital solutions may assist digital marketing businesses in streamlining internal operations. Employing this strategy offers multiple benefits to consumers, including enhanced B2B email outreach experience, improved SEO analytics, optimized pipelines, and monitored advertising campaigns. The marketing strategy may encompass many channels, such as social media platforms, websites, and email communications.

In this article, we will share with you the Agiliway experience in developing digital marketing SaaS tools and simplifying advertising administration. Due to the need for a modern, user-friendly tool, the client turned to Agiliway to create a solution that would meet their individual needs. The project’s key goal is to provide innovative services to improve the growth of digital marketing agencies or companies in managing and organizing their workload and creating and processing digital ads with efficiency.

Main Difficulties of the Advertising Management Project

Our client had an unsuccessful experience in creating their own CRM system, therefore, they came to us with clearly defined goals and system modifications. They sought a solution that was intuitive, contemporary, and straightforward to create. Agiliway initiated the development of the product from the beginning, collaborating exclusively with another vendor specialized in LinkedIn modules. Agiliway handled the majority of the procedures, but we eventually took full responsibility for the project and began working on it independently.

The project consisted of two primary elements: a user interface on the client side that provided role-based access to certain modules, and an administrative panel for managing packages, permissions, and client creation.

  • The extent of the necessary alterations and reorganization of the service is outlined below:
  • Efficiently and economically creating user interfaces.
  • Multi-platform management from a single system.
  • Designing a framework that is appropriate for B2B agencies and their clients.
  • Developing a versatile framework capable of handling diverse users, limitations, and degrees of access.
  • Integrating the LinkedIn API to enable users to access the campaign manager.
  • Combining several services, such as data analysis, and email mailing lists, to monitor and engage with website visitors.


The platform was designed to be flexible, accommodating different users, restrictions, and access levels. The Agiliway Solution Architect recommended that the client use the Ant Design of React Library to create a user interface tool that is user-friendly, modern, and efficiently produced. The customer presented a range of pre-authorized solution options identified by their employees. Agiliway developers and DevOps teams assumed a leading role among the available possibilities, doing thorough investigation and analysis of many problem-solving solutions. Concurrently, engineers evaluated the cheaper and most effective alternatives.

The system was developed with a variety of features and their corresponding levels of access.

  • A client user is granted access to just one customer.
  • An account manager is granted the authority to oversee advertising campaigns for many customers and holds elevated permissions.
  • An agency administrator has the authority to establish and manage agencies and control customers.

Agencies may get several modules with unique characteristics, depending on the packages and services they acquire. As an example, the Website Visitors package provides access to both the Website Visitors and Analytics modules. The LinkedIn Ads package offers users access to the LinkedIn Management and Advertisement Campaign modules.

  • 1. Website Visitor Monitoring to observe and collect information about website visitors, including their location, interests, and demographics.
  • 2. LinkedIn Campaign Management to facilitate users in constructing and overseeing LinkedIn advertising campaigns.
  • 3. Analytics Insights supplies information and insights regarding website traffic and advertising performance.
  • 4. Segmentation Capabilities permit users to create and upkeep lists of website visitors based on their attributes and interests.
  • 5. Advertising Campaign Creation to empower users to construct and launch advertising campaigns.

The front end was designed using React and JavaScript, while the server side was constructed employing PHP, API, and Python programming languages.

Integrations with various tools, such as Outlook and Gmail for email communication, Apache Superset for analytics, Apache AirFlow for tracking and enriching website visitors, and Nimbler and Visitor Queue for data enrichment helped to enhance the platform’s capabilities.

Benefits Delivered from the Solution

Created a centralized hub that seamlessly integrates various functionalities to streamline and enhance digital marketing campaigns and advertising management processes. The integrated capabilities are useful as they obviate the need to navigate to the Facebook or LinkedIn campaign manager to adjust your target demographic. The solution can oversee, and control all collected networks. It may establish specific objectives for identical campaigns or transfer the same audience to several platforms. Employing open-source technologies such as React, JavaScript, PHP, and Python guarantees cost efficiency and broader community backing. Nimbler and Visitor Queue provide supplementary optimization and performance improvements.

Moreover, it optimizes marketers’ time and provides features for advertising and budget control, including the ability to establish monthly constraints. By implementing a monthly advertising calendar, the client may strategically place adverts during the times that are most likely to result in conversions. This strategy not only aids in optimizing the budget but also improves the overall conversion rate.

Agiliway’s digital marketing SaaS tool is the perfect solution for agencies and companies looking to improve their marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us today and we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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