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Transforming the Educational Process with an Innovative E-Learning Tool

Ever pondered the transformative impact of digitization on study materials? The timeless reliance on books as learning tools has changed significantly. Modern education acquired different e-learning tools that make learning more interactive and interesting. The preference for e-books over traditional print is resounding.

Our client is a TOP higher education institution in Eastern Europe that was seeking a unique solution that will help its students while studying and preparing for their annual finals no matter where they are. Students can read, listen and practice the material when they are heading to classes, walk in the park, or stay at home.

Having relevant experience in e-learning, the Agiliway development team built a complex solution that comprises documents for reading, audio versions of a chosen book, and a smart Q&A system available for iOS and Android devices. So, let’s discuss the project details and how beneficial it became for the learners.

Critical Requirements and Development Challenges of the E-Learning Platform

Crafting a unique platform within the European education sector proved to be a thrilling yet intricate process. The initial task was to engineer a solution that caters to both Android and iOS platforms, all while maintaining ease of maintenance and user-friendliness. Simultaneously, the system’s complexity required advanced functionality and robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

The scope of requested functionalities encompassed
  • Reading books on smartphones with the option to mark covered chapters.
  • Accessing audio versions of the books, marking and listening from the place users stop reading.
  • passing tests based on a covered chapter, with the app guiding students back to revise in case of incorrect answers.
  • Undertaking comprehensive tests to check the overall knowledge level.

To realize a platform that fulfills these requirements, the development team analyzed all the technical aspects. The outcome was a solution leveraging adaptable technologies for various operating systems, with modifications addressing client and user needs.

e-learning solution

Strategies and Technological Framework for Implementing the E-Learning Solution

While the primary aim was digitizing print books to streamline education, staying ahead in the niche necessitated forward-thinking. Today, offering not only textual content but also audio material is imperative, catering to the needs of diverse students and focusing on inclusion. Providing options garners users’ attention, but surpassing expectations is what truly captivates them. Developing such a multifaceted educational tool aims at success by aligning with a diverse audience’s expectations.

Optimizing Digital Copies Size

The development team handled provided PDF textbooks by dividing them into individual chapters. These segments were encoded using Base64, conserving storage space and simplifying file utilization. Leveraging React Native, the React-pdf library facilitated document decoding.

A challenge in this phase was accommodating non-standard content like formulas and tables. Various animation libraries were employed to ensure the precision of these data.

Enabling Post-Material Testing

A distinctive feature of the platform is the ability to test learners’ comprehension after each chapter or the entire textbook. To achieve this, diverse test types were developed through comprehensive research. Failing a question redirects the user to the relevant page, fostering revision of the material and better learning outcomes.

Streamlining Audio Integration

Resizing audio files stored in the cloud posed initial challenges. When students opted for audio over reading, the app fetched requested files from the cloud, aided by a customized React Native Track Player library. Seamlessly transitioning between audio and text from where they left off became a significant feature.

e-learning tool

Value of the Product

Implementing the e-learning solution yields substantial benefits for both the educational institution and its students. The primary aim was smartphone-accessible textbooks coupled with audio options. This approach enhances studying during commutes and offers a more convenient alternative to printed books. Moreover, the platform accommodates tired eyes or situations hindering reading, ensuring inclusivity for diverse learning styles and abilities.

Furthermore, the university extends a social contribution to its staff through free book downloads facilitated by a special code.


Current educational trends impel organizations globally to offer diverse material formats. Heightened demand for unique e-learning solutions drives exceptional product development. By combining reading, listening, and interactive practice materials, the study process is optimized, bolstering classroom and assessment performance through comprehensive training and user-oriented app design.

The Agiliway software development team created the application, that brought novelty to the e-learning domain as there is no other product that can match text with audio to the extent that users can continue listening to the piece from the place they were just reading.

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