27 | 07 | 2020

Our BPO Department Growth Overview


  • The absolute majority of businesses are proved to gain up to two-third cost decrease with the offshore outsourcing.
  • The value of Business Process Outsourcing is not limited to cost reduction only, the service provides a wide array of benefits to help a business grow.
  • SEO priority assurance, open-minded approach, simplicity, and internal outsourcing empowering are the key prerequisites for quick and effective BPO implementation.
  • The workforce globalization, fixed costs variability, cost, and value-ascribed processes and services are the main benefits BPO offers.

In the current ‘stormy’ environment every business is forced to perform in, it is really essential to be a far-sighted strategist and to choose the most appropriate and effective ways to stay afloat. The task is usually not so easy to cope with. Nevertheless, there exists a BPO sphere, which will help business, provide assistance needed and do everything possible to keep on top afterward.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the directions Agiliway pursues. The department started its existence in 2015 (with the creation of Agiliway) and this year we have the 5th anniversary of the direction. VAfromEurope (that is how the service is called) provides a wide range of versatile tasks for various businesses in different corners of the world. In the ‘background profile’, we have fruitful cooperation schemes with Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Canada, etc.


The first steps were made several years ago in a small room with few people on board. First ideas, first team members, first clients, first experiences….

Since that time, the BPO direction has worked with a variety of clients both large and small from different industries and countries. The challenges were different. Sometimes the difficulties encountered seemed to be impossible to overcome, however, joint efforts turned out to be highly effective and an initially daunting challenge finally turned into another portion of new experience.

As time passed, the growth became even more evident. More new customers, considerable increase in task directions, etc. called for service diversification, staff enlargement, and overall improvement and modernization.

A wide range of services, such as data entry, website administration, research, web development, content management, social media management, SEO services and much more appeared. However, the services mentioned are not limited as VAfromEurope with its flexibility, experiences background and cooperation readiness is constantly open up for new challenges and ideas to accept, handle and succeed in.

Mostly, the services were not clearly defined and outlined from the very beginning of the cooperation. The requests usually started as data entry or administrative support and gradually, in the course of a conversation with the customer, turned into the support of kind of business processes ( sales, analytics, work with big databases or organizing business processes assistance). Meanwhile, the greatest satisfaction has always been the results obtained by both parties.

Understandably, there were ups and downs during the work while outlining the priorities and importance of each client and the importance of the team as a whole.

Some cooperations, which started with 1 team member, grew to 14. Some clients used a complex of different types of services that we offer and so on.

What is the core issue in BPO? While addressing the service, the most important thing is to understand that cooperation implies trust and support. Trust means being on the same page with the customer; together with the quality, it produces results.

So, a number of additional services are offered on an individual demand such as call center support, sales support, personal assistant, etc.

What is more, large outsourcing teams worked in Call Center that started its beginning in 2019, Transcribing (2014) and Event Sales (2018), took part in implementing new business Platform and much more. We provided a full package of services starting with recruiting and documentation/instruction procedures and ending with the end-product full-fledged support.

Building a call center from scratch is believed to be a real achievement for the BPO direction. It all started with a discussion of assistance in the administrative work of a clinic that has never worked with remote workers. The result is obvious to both parties: at the moment, we are supporting few clinics and it is still not the limit.

Another accomplishment mentioned was Transcribing. While the field of development was covered by the software direction, we were working in the sphere of support. Our honor is that we were growing from 10K transcriptions to 100K transcriptions per month.

We are happy to mention that during cooperation with companies from scratch and our growth as a direction, we were:

  • searching for employees with appropriate skills;   
  • conducting training and testing of the recruited staff;
  • creating or participated in the development and improvement of instructional materials;  
  • studying existing CRM systems and testing telephone systems;   
  • using numerous PM tools;   
  • served as a project management team.  

In case there is a need and a team for its realization is requested, we have ample knowledge and experience to support the client.

We are working in constant VA team in the office but are always ready to discuss your wishes about growing. The greatest satisfaction for us is when your business is growing together with us.

Last but not least, a BPO support for software development customers is well worth mentioning. Here we are talking about both internal and external clients. Software development customers frequently are in need of certain business outsourcing services to make the product really work. In VAfromEurope, we had experience making the client’s website developed promotion from scratch. We dealt with:

  • website SEO audit;
  • social media continuous update and support;
  • website/ product range copywrite, etc.

Actually, this kind of BPO support is of great value to software development customers. Therefore, the software customers can get full package of services: both engineering services and BPO support.


Business process outsourcing undermines two-sided development and cooperation. It is about becoming partners, two business objects mutually interested and engaged in each other’s progress. On the one hand, there is a client’s expansion success; on the other hand, there is BPO as a partner to grow with him and satisfy him. VAfromEurope is an outsourcing agency with ample experience in different business directions and constantly open to new challenges and new ideas.

We worked with both one-time, short-term tasks and large projects. There are cases when the client has a clear vision, but quite often it happens that you need to discuss ways to improve the business process. The greatest value is when there is a visible result of the work for our partner and us.

The logical result of our 5-year work has been recent update of our website.

Nowadays, in 2020, VAfromEurope is longing to share and leverage the experience and expertise it has gained over the years with any business in need. We are open to new interesting tasks and challenges ahead.


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