Business Process Management 04 | 05 | 2023

Streamlining Success: Developing an Effective Corporate Process Management Solution

Our American client, one of the largest providers of solar panels and security systems for smart homes, required a comprehensive system to consolidate employee data, manage payments, and facilitate role-based access.

In general, a Business Process Management (BPM) solution is a software developed to carry out the essential operations of business process management. These operations include modeling, executing, evaluating, and enhancing business processes to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Their primary focus was improving the system’s operating capacity and introducing additional functionality tailored to the client’s needs. As a result of our cooperation, our team enhanced the system, improving its functionality and operational capacity.

One of the key enhancements introduced by Agiliway was process automation. It helped in data management and reduced the need for manual checks and fixes. Such integration significantly helps to save time and effort. These automated processes freed up valuable resources, allowing the client’s team to concentrate on core business growth rather than routine data management tasks.

Corporate management solution Agiliway

In addition, the system needed a testing environment where the new features could be tested. The Agiliway expertise in Java and Swift let our client improve their system to become more flexible, and easy to maintain and use, thus leading to satisfied users and a well-organized operating process.

Thanks to the solution the solar panel provider can now rely on a system that simplifies data management, automates crucial tasks and provides a user-friendly interface.


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