30 | 05 | 2019

WordPress based e-Learning Platform for Healthcare Association

Recently we posted a series of articles about Agiliway’s experience in different PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Yii. Apart from this, Agiliway also possesses strong expertise at different CMS including WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, and others. We also worked on Drupal and Typo3 a while ago. Now we would like to share our experience and achievements on one of the projects related to e-Learning platform implementation for a healthcare association using WordPress CMS.


A healthcare association was looking for an option to have a more functional website. Initially, the association used the website as an information portal to share industry news, the best practices, and event announcements among its members. Going further the association needed to provide opportunities for deeper study and practical training for its members by means of improving their qualification. It required to focus on more proactive approach of spreading new practices, cutting-edge technologies, and modern treatment techniques with an emphasis on raising the quality of treatment and facilitating prevention. This could be possible with organizing professional courses and workshops where association members would be able to extend their knowledge and improve practical skills.

Thus, the association came with an idea of re-building existing website into a new e-Learning platform, which would allow managing different courses and provide users with quick access to specific courses and membership programs. The platform would involve a possibility to view course statuses, members’ performance and attendance, make analytics work, and offer some other features for effective e-Learning. 

E-Learning solution with Wordpress 

Agiliway had previous experience with digital solutions development and now successfully used it to implement a new e-Learning platform for the association. Our team used Wordpress for back-end and Bootstrap with the use of JavaScript for the front-end to add typographic elements, web forms, and buttons. It was an obvious decision to employ Wordpress CMS as the existing website already used Wordpress and the association’s employees possessed Wordpress knowledge, which would simplify future platform support. 

In a few months, we released the e-Learning platform with the following features, which allowed us to:  

  • Manage libraries of courses. The courses were organized based on different educational categories or spheres of interest.  
  • Build a structured course form. Members could see all the course details including event description, time, registration deadline, status, the price for members or non-members, and venue.  
  • Combine the course profiles together with its contents, and advantages; those who wish to receive the printed information about the course could get it by mail. In this way, members could pursue their professional ambitions and goals while booking the appropriate course at an affordable price. 
  • Create a membership form, which allowed members to contribute the yearly fee and get further discounts on the specific course.  
  • Build a complete and convenient course booking workflow. The potential users received the ability to login data, insert personal information, address, and bank details. It became possible to apply for a course for a single member or number of participants.  
  • Represent better admin panel. Admins could easily manage courses data by observing the user’s statuses and profiles. They gained an ability to fully track user’s visibility, structure, and export data on the platform. Using advanced analytics tools, they got the possibility to track members’ performance. 
e-Learning solution for Healthcare Association


Developing a new e-Learning platform allowed the association to attract more members and provide them with the opportunity to improve their qualification. Back then, the website was just a mere business card, while later it turned into a more functional, sophisticated, and reliable online education platform. Members could register for courses online or pay for the yearly membership, which could be done with one click of the mouse. The given e-Learning solution allowed them to improve expertise based on their professional ambitions and maintain better healthcare practices.  

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